ZK6726DX3 Used Passenger Bus Yutong School Bus 34 Seater Euro 3

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Used 2013 Yutong School Bus 34 Seats Euro 3

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School Bus, 36 Seats, Used Bus

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Used 2013 Yutong School Bus 34 Seats Euro 3

School Bus, 36 Seats, Used Bus

"This is because the ZK6726DX3 school bus is equipped with an anti-forgetting school child system, which forces the school bus driver to visit the rear of the vehicle before closing the door after removing the key," explained Yutong's booth staff.

"Not only that, but the rear of the car also uses electronic warning signs, which can show the different driving states of the vehicle." With the explanation of the staff, the electronic warning signs at the rear of the car alternately displayed "Students are getting on and off", "Please be careful when you turn left. ", "Slow down, please slow down" and so on.

With newer functions and wonderful live demonstrations, Yutong's booth attracted many visitors who wanted to see the new national standard school bus. Compared with the original school bus standards, the new national school bus standards (including "Specialized School Bus Safety Technical Conditions" (GB24407-2012) and "Special School Bus Student Seat System and Strength of Vehicle Fixtures" (GB24406 -2012) two mandatory national standards), highlighting the safety requirements of special school buses, including four core elements of safety management requirements, active safety requirements, passive safety requirements, and humanization requirements. The purpose is to Improve the safety of young children and primary and secondary school students on their way to and from school. According to the requirements of the new national standard, Yutong Bus has further improved the safety performance and other comprehensive performance of the school bus on the basis of the high manufacturing and design standards of the original school bus. ZK6726DX3 is one of the crystallizations of its accumulation.

In terms of vehicle structural safety system, the front and rear of the car adopt rigid structures, which can minimize the damage to itself in low-speed collisions; in high-speed collisions, the long head structure can effectively absorb the energy generated by the collision and reduce the damage to the vehicle. Injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. In addition, the skeleton assembly of the vehicle adopts a closed ring structure. When the vehicle rolls over accidentally, the deformation of the vehicle body is small, which can effectively prevent casualties.

In terms of fire protection system, the car uses tin-plated flame retardant wiring harness, imported waterproof connectors, battery wire protection design, wiring harness protection design, fuse protection, manual power switch, starter protector, cabin temperature high temperature alarm and electrical inspection technology 9 designs to eliminate fire hazards, as well as 4 fire retardation measures for interior materials, flame retardant exterior materials, cabin fire bombs and in-vehicle fire extinguishers, can provide sufficient rescue time for vehicles in distress.

In terms of humanized design, the seats and guardrails of ZK6726DX3 are made of softened materials, which can effectively reduce collision damage and protect the safety of school children after an accident. In addition, the interiors, seats, pipelines, craft glue and other parts of the vehicle are also made of environmentally friendly materials, which can effectively improve the air quality in the car.

In terms of comfort, the car adopts Adams simulation technology for powertrain mounting matching design to achieve powertrain vibration decoupling and avoid resonance; the world's advanced six-degree-of-freedom test bench is used to conduct powertrain mounting modal Test and analysis to achieve the optimal design of the suspension vibration isolation rate.

Not only that, the ZK6726DX3 new national standard school bus also adopts Yutong's unique Anxin school bus management system, including four application modules of monitoring, driver assistant, credit card, and driving record, which can achieve video monitoring, speeding, overload alarm, fuel consumption monitoring, and card counting. , SMS notification, monitoring of water temperature, voltage and other functions, driving habits management and other functions, ensure 360-degree all-round safety management during school bus operation.

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  • Basic Information

Vehicle Announcement: ZK6726DX3 Brand: Zhengzhou Yutong Vehicle Department: Yutong Purpose: Children's School Bus Maximum Speed: 80km/h Vehicle Reference Price: No Manufacturer's Guide Price Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Yutong Vehicle Origin: Zhengzhou, Henan Remarks: –

  • Vehicle parameters

Curb weight: 5600kg Total mass: 7700kg Vehicle length: 7245mm Vehicle width: 2355mm Vehicle height: 3040mm Front track: 1900mm Rear track: 1600mm Front overhang: 960mm Rear overhang: 2285mm Approach angle: 22°Departure angle: 11° Wheelbase: 4000mm

  • engine

Engine model: Yuchai YC4FA130-30 Engine form: vertical, in-line, four-stroke, water-cooled, supercharged and inter-cooled, high-pressure common rail Maximum power: 95Kw Maximum power speed: 3200rpm Maximum torque: 345N.m Maximum torque speed: 1600~ 2400rpm Maximum horsepower: 130hp Displacement: 2982mL Fuel type: Diesel Emission standard: National III

  • gearbox

Transmission model: domestic transmission, flexible shaft wire-drawing control Shift mode: manual Forward number of gears: 5 gears
Number of occupants: 36 Body structure: All-metal body Air conditioning system: Air conditioning, independent heater Audio-visual system: MP3 player

  • chassis

Suspension system: less leaf spring, hydraulic cylinder shock absorber Steering system: power steering, steering wheel up and down, front and rear adjustable Braking system: pneumatic dual circuit, front disc and rear drum, air brake, dryer, self-adjusting arm, WABCO ABS Clutch: Single disc dry clutch Number of leaf springs: 4/5 Fuel tank capacity: 70L
Number of tires: 6 tires size: 215/75R17.5

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