YANMAR YSZ001 Diesel Fuel Oil Water Separator One Shot Injection

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Price :
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Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
2 Million Pieces Per Month

Delivery Time :
Within A Month

Packaging Details :
Carton Packaging

Product Type :
Oil-Water Separation Assembly

Funtion :
Drain The Accumulated Water

Advantage :
High Pressure Resistance

Structure :
Filter Element And Housing

Working Principle :
Sieving Effect

Material :
Aluminium Base

YSZ001 Oil-Water Separation Assembly Excavator Parts Filter Element


Item YSZC001
Type Oil-Water Separation
Applicable Models YANMAR
Funtion Drain The Accumulated Water
Structure Filter Element And Housing
Advantage High Pressure Resistance
Working Principle Sieving Effect


HONG KONG BAOSHENG (MOKETING) OIL & GSA FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. founded in 2000, is a modern professional filter company integrating production, sales and service.

Our products are designed with a main filter element and a safety filter element, which can efficiently filter the air entering the engine, promote full combustion of fuel, and ensure stable engine performance. It is also manufactured by a multi-station continuous mold, and a single component is completed at one time, with high dimensional accuracy and strong consistency.


1 . One Shot Injection, Filter Base.

Our filter paper base is one-shot injection molding, with precise dimensions, compression and corrosion resistance, and longer service life. The filter is solid and durable as a whole, ensuring the stability of filtration performance under special working conditions.

2 . Strictly Follow The Original Requirements To Develop Better Products.

We always adhere to the quality policy of "quality assurance, industry expertise", and continue to grow and develop, Hong Kong Baosheng Filter Co., Ltd. has experienced professional designers and quality engineers, and has a complete set of imported professional filter production lines and supporting equipment.

3 . Oil-water Separation Cup, Resistant To High Temperature And Cold.

The oil-water separation cup is made of special environmentally friendly plastic, which can provide stable performance in high temperature and severe cold environment, and the strong filtration performance ensures the safe and efficient operation of the engine.

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