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XCMG XKC163 Powder Spreading Truck High Reliability

XCMG powder spreader has the characteristics of high work efficiency, good environmental protection and low construction cost. Compared with manual spreading, XCMG's powder spreader has a higher return on investment: the whole machine is operated by a single person, and a single device spreads more than 10,000 square meters of powder in a single day, and the total weight is about 200 tons; high environmental protection: the whole machine spreads No dust, the whole vehicle powder can be sprayed within 20 minutes, and the subsequent equipment can be directly mixed to reduce the dust spreading while reducing the secondary dust caused by the surrounding vehicles passing by or strong wind after the spreading; low construction cost: single powder spreading It is conservatively estimated that the car can meet the workload of 25 people.
The machine's controller, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor and other key components are all imported brands, with stable performance and high reliability. The feeding screw is directly driven by a low-speed high-torque motor coupling. It has strong low-speed starting ability without jamming. . This is an important reason why our XCMG powder spreader is extremely efficient!
The spreader is a key component of the powder spreader, which mainly realizes the functions of powder spreading and metering:
1. Low resistance, no material accumulation, no jam: cancel the end baffle at both ends to ensure smooth material blanking on both sides and no material accumulation, and completely solve the problem of easy jamming of the powder spreader spreader
2. Uniform spreading and accurate measurement: Through the accumulation of a large amount of test data, 12-18 chutes in the circumference are in the most accurate state of powder metering and spreading. The more chutes, the more even the spreading. XCMG is equipped with 15 chutes. The rubber-coated spreader of each trough has high manufacturing precision and spreads more evenly than peers.
3. It can be equipped with an automatic shrinking device of the dust cover and a pneumatic vibrator to spread more evenly and reduce the work intensity of canvas collection
4. Unique material door angle design: control the opening angle of the material door. When the powder falls, it first touches the material door and then touches the ground. The material is unloaded smoothly and spread evenly, and dust is reduced. In particular, it can solve the phenomenon of waves appearing in a small amount of spreading.

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