XCMG LW156FV 0.7m3 55kw Front Shovel Loader 8km/h 2200kg Tipping

China XCMG LW156FV 0.7m3 55kw Front Shovel Loader 8km/h 2200kg Tipping supplier

XCMG LW156FV 0.7m3 55kw Front Shovel Loader 8km/h 2200kg Tipping image

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1 unit

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T/T, L/C

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1000 units per month

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7-10 days

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1 year or 2000 working hours

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XCMG LW156FV Wheel Loader power 55kw Strong Power Higher Efficiency

Product features of XCMG LW156FV wheel loader
XCMG LW156FV Wheel Loader Product Introduction
1. LW156FV is a three-stage product independently developed by XCMG, equipped with electronically controlled high-pressure common rail engines. High-quality split double-variable, four-wheel drive, full hydraulic steering, strong power, higher efficiency, and strong environmental adaptability.
2. The hydraulic oil replacement cycle is extended to 2000 hours, which greatly reduces the user's use cost.
Performance specialty

1. Adopt a long wheelbase (2300mm) design, adapt to a variety of overweight working conditions, and have high stability.
2. The unloading height of more than 3 meters meets the needs of various occasions.
3. The integral oil cylinder and pin shaft are processed by quenching and tempering process, which has high reliability.
Model characteristics
1. Yunnei 490 supercharged three-stage engine has stronger power and higher efficiency. The electronically controlled high-pressure common rail technology can really save fuel and reduce consumption.
2. Reinforced heavy-duty drive axle to meet the needs of high-strength and high-load operations.
3. XCMG A-brand engineering tires are equipped as standard, which are reliable in wear resistance, suitable for a variety of harsh working conditions and efficient in operation.
4. CAE simulation, the working device meets the heavy-duty working condition; the proprietary bucket type, inserting the material pile, saves effort; the use of wear-resistant materials improves the working life.
5. Centralized pipelines and reasonable direction; double sealing, leak-proof and more reliable.
6. Streamlined appearance, overall front-turned hood, wide vision, large space, comfortable operation and convenient maintenance.
7. It can be equipped with 3m, 3.5m height unloading working device, and a variety of machines to meet different working conditions.

XCMG LW156FV Wheel Loader Specification

Short boom Standard boom Long boom Units
Rated load 1200 1100 1000 kg
Tipping load 2400 2200 2000 kg
Unloading height Bucket flat height 3470 3740 3870 mm
Standard 3000 3300 3500 mm
Unloading distance 785 830 1070 mm
Rated bucket capacity 0.7 m3
Overall mass 4450 4550 4650 kg
Wheel base 2300 mm
Tread 1500 mm
Maximum hoisted hinge pin height 3730 3920 4190 mm
Maximum breakout force 44 kN
Maximum traction 40
Boom hoisting time 5.5 s
Three items and time 9 s
Minimum turning radius (tire center) 4620 mm
Articulation angle 35 °
Climbing capacity 25 °
Minimum ground clearance 260 mm
Tire specification 16/70-16
Overall dimensions (length*width*height) 5890*2060*2900
6390*2060*2900 mm
Engine Model YN27GBZ
Rated power/speed 55/2400
Driving speed First positin (drive/back) 8
Second position (drive/back) 20.5 km/h

XCMG LW156FV Wheel Loader Picture

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