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100% new

17 Ton 4.5m3 Bucket XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader WEICHAI Engine

1. XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader Cargo characteristics:
The LW500FV wheel loader is an efficient, energy-saving, and comfortable single-rocker structure wheel loader developed by XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of the optimization and upgrade of the LW500FN loader. By improving the power transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, working device, cab, hood, electrical, etc., the performance, reliability, and operating comfort of the whole machine have been comprehensively improved. This model has short wheelbase, small turning radius, flexibility and excellent site adaptability. It is widely used in construction, highway, port, dock, station, freight yard and other working conditions for shoveling or short-distance transfer loosening soil and sand. Soil, sand, coal, garbage and other loose materials can also be used for traction, leveling, stacking, and stacking. It is a versatile, efficient and flexible construction machinery product.
2. Main performance and characteristics of LW500FV loader
Motion transfer system
It adopts Weichai's air-to-air cooling, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail engine with a rated power of 162kW. The desert air filter with three-stage filtration can adapt to dusty working conditions; the engine not only has high reliability and high adaptability, but also has the advantages of low fuel consumption and low emission. The emission has reached China's stage III standard. It is a special High-quality products carefully designed and manufactured according to the working conditions of construction machinery.
Reasonable power matching and single-row plate-fin heat dissipation structure system enable the whole machine to work in a reasonable temperature range for a long time. At the same time, the radiator has good blocking resistance, easy cleaning and strong environmental adaptability.

The use of a rotating structure fuel tank improves maintainability.
The key structure adopts finite element analysis to ensure that all kinds of working conditions are met.
Both the front and rear frames adopt a box-shaped structure, with integral casting support lugs, which have good rigidity and strong load-bearing capacity.
Transmission system
The use of XCMG low-speed products dedicated four-element, twin-turbo large-capacity hydraulic torque converter, XCMG's self-developed planetary hydraulic power shift gearbox, and a drive axle with good passing performance, so that the power of the whole machine is reasonable and the transmission efficiency is high. .
The hydraulic oil and hydraulic transmission system dissipate heat completely, and the good heat dissipation effect ensures the working efficiency of the whole machine and the service life of various parts under high temperature and other operating environments, and the performance of the whole machine is more stable.
Working hydraulic system
The energy-saving and high-efficiency hydraulic system adopts XCMG patented technology, which is energy-saving, high-efficiency and comfortable to operate.
The steering and working device operation of the whole machine are all hydraulic pilot operation, which is light, flexible and efficient.
The simple arrangement of the hydraulic oil tank's oil inlet and return structure makes it easier to clean and replace the filter element.
The hydraulic pipeline adopts two seals that meet the DIN standard, which is completely leak-proof; the hoses at the easily worn parts are equipped with rubber protective sleeves to extend the service life and improve the reliability of the hydraulic pipelines.
working equipment
Single rocker arm, short wheelbase, small turning radius, flexible operation, working device adopts XCMG characteristic new structure, large breakout force, short three-term sum time, high operation efficiency, high-position unloading automatic leveling function, maximum This reduces the driver’s labor intensity and improves work efficiency.
The new international version of the fully enclosed cab has a spacious interior and a wide field of vision; high-performance shock-absorbing seats and multi-directional adjustable steering column can meet the requirements of different drivers; brand-new digital combined instrument with fault diagnosis and alarm functions, operation The lever is within reach, and the whole machine is comfortable and convenient to operate.
The engine guard adopts a large side door and a top-over design with a large opening angle, which facilitates the overhaul of the engine and the radiator, and the maintenance is easy and convenient; multiple noise reduction damping materials are attached to make the whole machine less noise.
It adopts all-metal compression molding method, pulse welding, electrophoresis painting, and effective anti-rust.
The wiring harness of the whole machine adopts fully sealed connectors, the whole vehicle insurance is arranged in a centralized way, and the new digital combined instrument is safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.

XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader Product Paramenters

Description Unit Parameter value
Rated operating load kg 5000
Bucket capacity 2.5~4.5
Machine weight kg 16900
Dump clearance at maximum lift mm 3150~3560
Reach at maximum lift mm 1100~1190
Wheel base mm 2960
Tread mm 2250
Height of hinge at maximum lift height mm 4112
Working height (fully lifted) mm 5510
Max. breakout force kN 170
Hydraulic cycle time-raise s ≤6
Total hydraulic cycle time s ≤10.5
Min. turning radius over tyres mm 5950
Articulation angle ° 35
Gradeability ° 28
Tyre size 23.5-25-16PR
Overall machine dimension L×W×H mm 7910×3016×3515
Model WD10G220E21
Rated Power kW 162
Fuel Tank L 250
Hydraulic Tank L 210
Travel Speed Ⅰ-gear(F/R) km/h 13/18
Ⅱ-gear(F/R) km/h 40

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