Used 2017 Beiben 500HP Tractor Head Truck 6X4 V3ET Euro 5

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USD 23,000 per unit

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50 units per month

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20 days

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Suitable for RORO or Bulk cargo ship

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Used 2017 Beiben 500HP Tractor Head Truck V3ET Euro 5, 500HP 6*4

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Beiben Truck, Tractor Head, Used Truck, Used Beiben Trucbeiben truckk, 6*4, 500HP

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Euro 5

Used 2017 Beiben 500HP Tractor Head Truck V3ET Euro 5, 500HP 6*4

Beiben Truck, Tractor Head, Used Truck, Used Beiben Truck, 6*4, 500HP

  • The power chain is efficient and stable enough to meet the needs of card users

The V3ET elite version of the Beiben heavy truck introduced in this article is positioned as a high-speed logistics transportation. According to the manufacturer's introduction, the V3ET model is the flagship model of the Beiben heavy truck that is suitable for efficient logistics. Since it can be called the "flagship", the V3ET elite version Of course, it has a good dynamic performance.
The illustrated model is equipped with a WP13.560E63 560-horsepower engine from Weichai, with a displacement of 13 liters, a maximum output of 407kW, a peak torque of 2550 Nm, and a rated speed of 1900rpm. This engine complies with China VI emission standards. It is also equipped with Fast's FHB400 hydraulic retarder.
The gearbox is equipped with an AMT gearbox from the Fast brand. It is understood that this gearbox adopts a three-stage all-aluminum alloy die-casting shell, which has a significant lightweight effect. It is worth mentioning that the main box and front and rear auxiliary boxes of this gearbox adopt a double intermediate shaft structure, and the electronic control system is automatically controlled. Gear operation such as clutch disengagement and engagement. It reflects the characteristics of small shift delay and stable working performance.
This V3ET Elite Edition model is equipped with a 7.5-ton front axle and Beiben Heavy Duty Truck 440A single-stage reduction axle with a speed ratio of 2.864. Combined with the 560 Weichai engine with a peak torque of 2550 Nm and the Fast AMT gearbox, the power performance of the vehicle has been improved, and the power performance when starting and climbing is excellent.

  • Reliable chassis and excellent lightweight performance

As a heavy-duty truck enterprise that has introduced Mercedes-Benz technology and has Mercedes-Benz quality control and military quality. Beiben Heavy Duty Truck not only maintains the tradition of creating excellent products, but also actively complies with laws and regulations and the practical needs of actual operations. While ensuring the carrying capacity, the vehicle has been "extremely" weight-reduced, and the vehicle's self-weight is controlled at 8.8 tons. Within, a heavy-duty traction truck can achieve such a degree of "slim down", but also thanks to the attitude of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck to pursue the ultimate.
Body suspension, this V3ET elite version adopts front less leaf spring suspension and rear airbag suspension design, and the rear airbag suspension adopts 8 airbags plus air suspension electronic control system, which not only ensures the carrying capacity of the vehicle, but also lightweight and drop-and-hang transportation. The performance is eye-catching.

Basic Information
Announcement model: ND4250BD5J7Z08 Drive form: 6X4
Wheelbase: 3300+1350mm engine: Weichai WP13.500E501
Gearbox: Fast 16JZSD200 Rear axle ratio: 2.846
Body length: 6.905 meters Body width: 2.5 meters
Body height: 3.91 meters Front track: 2045mm
Rear Track: 1850/1850mm Vehicle weight: 8.8 tons
Total mass: 25 tons Total Traction Mass: 40 tons
Maximum speed: 110km/h Market segments: Logistics distribution, coal transportation, sand and gravel transportation
Origin: Inner Mongolia Baotou Tonnage class: Heavy Truck
Engine parameters
engine model: Weichai WP13.500E501 Engine Brand: Weichai
Number of cylinders: 6 Fuel type: diesel fuel
Cylinder arrangement: In-line Displacement: 12.54L
Emission Standards: country five Maximum horsepower: 500 hp
Maximum output power: 368kW Max torque: 2400N m
Maximum torque speed: 950-1400rpm Rated speed: 1900rpm
Cab parameters
Cab: high roof Lower sleeper width: 750mm
Number of passengers allowed: 3 people Seat row: half row
Transmission parameters
Gearbox Model: Fast 16JZSD200 Gearbox brand: Fast
Shift method: Hand in one Forward gear: 16 gears
Number of reverse gears: 2    
Fuel Tank/Gas Tank Material: Aluminum alloy Fuel tank capacity: 700L
Chassis parameters
Description of rear axle: Beiben single reduction bridge Front axle allowable load: 7000kg
Rear axle allowable load: 18000 (with double shafts) kg Speed ratio: 2.846
Number of spring pieces: 2月4日    
Number of tires: 10 Tire specifications: 295/80R22.5 16PR
control configuration
ABS Anti-lock Braking:

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