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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
4-5 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Ship

Application :
Fire Department

Material :
Using floating material, Anti- corrosion

Driving system :
2 horizontal & 2 vertical propellers

Observing system :
18X Zoom 2 million digital HD camera

Lighting system :
Equipped with 2*15 w LED lights at the front

Deepth :
Operating at a depth of 300 meters

Weight :

Dimensions :

1. Brief Introduction
The underwater robot system is a typical small and medium working robot with cable. The underwater movement and operation of the robot are controlled and monitored by the operator on the water surface through the console and remote control handle. This underwater robot is equipped with 2 vertical thrusters and 2 horizontal thrusters. The whole set of equipment has stronger power and powerful expansion performance. It can expand GPS, underwater small imaging sonar, underwater ultra-short baseline positioning, and salvage Dedicated manipulator.

2. Application
For marine ecological restoration, scientific research and education, scientific research, underwater archaeology, underwater exploration, underwater operations, criminal detection, oceanography, river and ocean search, dam inspection, oil and gas platform work, aquaculture And homeland security operations.

3. Technical advantages:

  • Equipped with a manipulator to salvage underwater objects
  • Equipped with forward-looking sonar, the image is synchronized to scan the PTZ, the image is clear and accurate
  • The communication adopts twisted-pair wire, power carrier technology, and optimizes the communication method, so that the equipment signal can be transmitted quickly, stable, anti-interference, and no jam
  • According to the needs of users, you can choose to install an underwater pick-up and encircling manipulator and an underwater walking track additional layer
  • The thruster adopts a direct-axis built-in Hall plate feedback system, which makes the speed of the robot's thruster controllable and meets the speed needs of the robot in various underwater environments
  • The application of 18x zoom lens is a significant feature of our company's underwater robot configuration, which enables the underwater robot to keep the feedback image clear and flow in various underwater environments, and many domestic manufacturers use ordinary fixed focus lenses

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