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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Price :
USD 40000 – 50000 per unit

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C

Supply Ability :
100 units per morth

Delivery Time :
20-30 work days

Packaging Details :
By bulk cargo shipping

Model :

Driving type :
6×4 RHD or LHD

Cargo box :

Cabin :
MAN F3000 flat cabin/high cabin

Axle :
9.5T 16T MAN

Tires :

Engine :

Transmission :
FAST brand

Product Inroduction of SHACMAN F3000 10 Wheels Rear Tipper Dump Truck For Construction

China Genron Vehicle — As the franchised dealer of SHACMAN, GENRON is authorized by SHACMAN to sell SHACMAN series trucks.As the franchisor of SHACMAN, our price is to enjoy the preferential policy of SHACMAN. We do not need to go through two or three or more agents, which is a very cost-effective price for customers.

For trucks, SHACMAN has F2000, F3000, X3000, M3000, H3000, L3000 and other models of trucks, but also tractor, dump truck, truck, tanker, sprinkler, mixer, muck truck, paranoid dock tractor, garbage truck, wood truck and other series of models,Two models of trucks, the F3000 and the X3000, are widely used at present

Product Usage of SHACMAN F3000 10 Wheels Rear Tipper Dump Truck For Construction

SHACMAN Truck widely used in construction, municipal engineering, road construction, environmental sanitation, mines, lime kiln, Shi Liaochang, cement plant, starch factory, brick factory, fire resistant plant, coking plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, fertilizer plant, concentrator, builders, station, coal yard, bee coal yard, terminal units, such as material handling;Can save a lot of manpower, reduce labor intensity.

In some countries and regions, SHACMAN has service points and front service staff, and even its accessories and equipment warehouse, 4S shop, etc

Configuration of SHACMAN F3000 10 Wheels Rear Tipper Dump Truck For Construction

SHACMAN F3000 New 6×4 Rear Dump Tipper truck
Model SX3255DV384
Driving type 6×4 (10 wheels)
Loading capacity 30 tons-40tons


Model:WeiChai EuroⅡ
Transmission Model: FAST 12 forward and 2 reverse
Axle MAN
Fuel tank 400L Aluminum tank
Steering Integral circulation ball power steering
tires 12.00R20
Cabin MAN F3000 semi-lengthened flat cabin
Electrics 24 volts / Battery: 165Ah maintenance free / Air horn, headlamp, fog light, turning light, reverse light
Cargo box 5600*2300*1500mm

Advantage of SHACMAN F3000 10 Wheels Rear Tipper Dump Truck For Construction

R&D Strength – National first-class R&D team and equipment

1. State-certified 'National Enterprise Technology Center ', 'Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station

2. The first "New Energy R&D and Application Laboratory of Heavy-duty Truck" in China

3. More than 600 equipment for R&D, trial production and testing with 3653 scientific research personnels and 2269 patents

Research Strength -National first-class R&D team and equipment

Based on the concept of product research and development, according to the needs of customers in different countries, regulations, policies, and working conditions, the requirements are identified and transformed around the eight performance dimensions of vehicle quality, safety, and transportation efficiency.Focused on the whole product life cycle and the whole process of customer operation to realize the optimal value of product.

R&D Strength ‒Functional Test

The international advanced six degrees of freedom road simulation and hardware in the loop test method are adopted for the vehicle, assembly, parts test.

R&D Strength-Leader Enterprise in New Energy of Heavy-duty Truck Market

SHACMAN is the only enterprise in the industry to undertake two major 863 projects in Ministry of Science & Technology in China. (extended-range/plug ‒in electric and heavy LNG commercial vehicle development).

SHACMAN takes the natural gas market share in China up to 40%, which firmly ranks the first in the industry. Moreover, The company led the establishment of 3 national standards and obtained 87 patents with the largest number in the industry.

SHACMAN Marketing global networks

SHACMAN products has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its marketing network, accesso- ries and service network covers Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East, central and South America, and EU.

The industry's best overseas vehicle service quality:

1,long warranty period, no mileage limitation
2,24 months for Lorry truck, tractor
3,18 months for special trucks
4,12 months for dumpers
5,6 months for non-road dumpers

Industry's fastest service response:

1, Response in 30 minutes,directly judge at the scene
2,2 hours for Simple failure
3,8 hours for Normal failure
4,72 hours for Major failure
5,5 days for Catastrophic failure
6,7 days for sophisticated failure

Industry optimal alliance policy support:

1,Hour-fee policy (Best in the industry)
2,Part-compensation rates (Best in the industry)
3,Trip subsidy (The first in the industry)
4,Vehicle PDI (The first in the industry
5,Communicaion fee (Newly added in the industry )
6,Company image construction subsidy



A: The brake cannot work and the effect is poor, which may caused by gas circuit system. Brake shoe’s friction plate and brake drum have problems. The touch area between brake shot plate and brake drum shall be larger than 70% of the total area. At the same time, the friction plate shall be clean, dry and have no greasy dirt and moist. In order to guarantee the touch surface between brake shoe’s friction plate and brake drum, when the brake drum is out of round and has drag mark and friction plate is damaged or the is replaced, please perform smooth turning on the surface of friction plate and brake drum with special tools. The practical experience shows that the effect of both end faces of brake shoe’s friction plate meshed is better than meshed center and unmeshed ends. Therefore, when brake friction plate performs smooth turning, the diameter of smooth turning shall be 0.2mm larger than inner diameter of brake drum. The maximum smooth turning amount of brake drum shall be 2mm on the diameter generally.


A: There are two factors for heavy direction: one is that steering system mechanical part of front axle and the other is steering hydraulic assist system. Steering column is lack of oil, which is the main cause for heavy steering caused by mechanical part. The steering column is not maintained for a long term, lubricating grease is not filled in the steering shaft, therefore, master pin and bushing is dry grinding. As a result, steering resistance is increased or even master pin and bushing are fritted. Therefore, during the maintenance, please fill lubricating grease in the steering column. Generally speaking, please lift the I beam of front axle, fill oil in grease fitting installed on camshaft seat with grease gun until I beam and upper and lower surfaces of pinhole can extrude oil.

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