SINOTRUK SITRAK Heavy Duty Fire Vehicle 228 KW With Cooking Utensils

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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
8-10 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Bulk Carrier or Ro-Ro Ship

Total Dimensions :

Weight :
17400kgs with Full Load

Chassis :
Sinotruk Sitrak 6*4

Engine Power :

Cabin :
Single Row Cabin with Two Doors

Superstructure :
Aluminum Alloy Welded Structure (Never Rust)

Generator :

Painting :
Red color and U.S. PPG brand

SINOTRUK SITRAK Moving Cook Support Vehicle​

1. Brief Introduction

CXFIRE is located in Chengdu of China with an area of 200,000 square meters and 600 staff. The annual output is 1000 units fire fighting vehicles. Through 60 years' development, CXFIRE has become the biggest manufacturer and one-stop solution supplier of fire fighting products in China.
2. Main Datasheet of the Whole Fire Truck
2.1 Dimensions: 9750mm×2500mm×3700mm.
2.2 The total mass of full load: 17400kg
2.3 Number of crew: 2
2.4 Can meet the number of people dining at the same time: It can guarantee the supply of hot food and hot water for more than 150 people at the same time within 1.5 hours
2.5 Maximum speed: 90km/h

3. Chassis

3.1 Manufacturer: SINOTRUK
3.2 Chassis model: ZZ5186XXYN561GF1
3.3 Drive form: 4×2
3.4 Wheelbase: 5800mm
3.5 Engine model: MC07.31-60
3.6 Maximum power: 228 kW
3.7 Maximum torque: 1230 N.m
3.8 Braking system: ABS+ASR+EBL
4. Main function configuration:
4.1 Triple Stove (2 stir-fry and 1 stew):
4.2 Vehicle-mounted fuel steaming tank: 1 piece, external dimensions:
4.3 Water storage tank: 1200kg, stainless steel 2000*360mm*1800, 2 water tanks.
4.4 Wastewater tank: 1, 300kg.
4.5 Sewage pipe: 1 volume (20M)
4.6 Clean water pipe: 1 roll (20M)
4.7 Stainless steel fast food tableware (stainless steel function plate and stainless steel soup bowl): 330 sets.
4.8 Cooking utensils: 1 set, spatula, spoon, kitchen knife, etc., including fixed storage device
4.9 Lockers: Equipped with stainless steel lockers that can store individual food and kitchen utensils, seasonings, individual (auxiliary) and other sundries, meeting the needs of 150 people, including fast food plates, chopsticks, spoons, knives, spatulas, etc.
4.10 Four-door dual-temperature refrigerator: 1 set (900L).
4.13 Oil burner: 1 set, 3 burners, oil tank volume 11 liters. Easy to carry. Weight: 10kg/set. Served with 2 marching pots.
4.14 Fuel tank: 1, 180~200L, including installation and fixing.
4.15 Range hood: matched with stove, powerful range hood and rain-proof flue.
4.16 Plastic basin: 8 pcs
4.17 Plastic bucket: 4 pcs
4.18 Insulation barrel: 6, double-layer, foamed, including fixing device.
4.19 Disinfection cabinet: adopt a combined tableware disinfection cabinet.
4.20 Sink and console
4.21 Vegetable cutting machine: Use mechanical automatic vegetable cutting machine for automatic transmission and cutting.
4.22 Multifunctional meat grinder: used for meat food processing, pepper and other condiments processing.
4.23 Drinking water equipment

5. Pictures for your Reference

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