Sinotruk HOWO 32m Aerial Ladder Fire Truck with 5000L Water and Foam

China Sinotruk HOWO 32m Aerial Ladder Fire Truck with 5000L Water and Foam supplier

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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
8 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Bulk Carrier or Ro-Ro Ship

Dimensions :

Weight :
34000Kgs with Full Load

Chassis :
6×4 Sinotruk HOWO T

Engine :

Cabin :
Single Cabin with two Seats

Superstructure :
Aluminum Alloy Welded Structure (Never Rust)

Liquid Tank :
4000L Water Tank & 1000L Foam Tank & PP Material

Water Pump :

Water Monitor :
5700L/min. with 70m Shoot Range

Working Height :
32 meters

Rescue Basket :
300kg rated load capacity

Painting :
Red Color and U.S. PPG Brand

1. Company Introduction

  • CXFIRE, founded in the year of 1963, is the biggest fire fighting vehicles manufacturer in China. The annual output is 1000 units fire fighting trucks. The main factory is located in Chengdu of China with an area of 200,000 square meters and 600 employees.
  • CXFIRE exports hundreds of aerial fire trucks every year, and its main markets are Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc. Its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service have won a good reputation.

2. Sinotruk HOWO 32m Aerial Ladder Fire Truck with 5000L Water and Foam

No. Main Items Technical Parameters
2.1 Model SXF5341JXFYT32
2.2 Overall Dimension


2.3 Full Load Weight 34000kgs
2.4 Number of the Crew 1+1 (include driver)
2.5 Max. Speed 90km/h
2.6 Capacity 4000L Water & 1000L Foam. PP composite material liquid tank
2.7 Fire pump flow rate 100L/s @ 10bar
2.8 Fire monitor 5700L/min. flow rate, 70m shoot range
2.9 Max. working height 32m

3. Aluminum Superstructure

3.1 Cabin

  • Structure: Single row cabin with 2 doors.
  • Seats: 1+1, with 3-point safety belt.

3.2 Standardized Sub-frame

  • Material: High-strength rectangular tube made of special steel
  • Performance: The liquid tank and the sub-frame are connected by elastic connecting seats.

3.3 Compartment

  • Material: High-strength aluminum alloy profiles (Never Rust)
  • Structure: Aluminum alloy welded structure. Roof railing with LED light. With aluminum alloy ladder in the rear.

3.4 Roller Shutter Door

  • Material: Aluminum alloy profiles with anodized surface.
  • Structure: With rain-proof groove on the top, lever-type bar, lock handle, pull strap, two-point fixed seat, LED light and sensors.

3.5 Foot Pedals

  • Material: High quality aluminum alloy.
  • Structure: 50cm width, bear more than 300kg, anti-slip design, with double lock function. Mounted on the both sides of compartment.

4. Fire Fighting System

No. Main Items Technical Parameters
4.1 Fire Pump
4.1.1 Brand CXFIRE
4.1.2 Model CB10/100
4.1.3 Rated Flow Rate 100L/s @ 10bar
4.1.4 Vacuum Pump Electric vacuum pump
4.1.5 Priming Manner Automatic
4.1.6 Suction Height 7m
4.1.7 Priming Time ≤80s
4.1.8 Location Rear-mounted
4.2 Fire Monitor
4.2.1 Brand Optional
4.2.2 Model Optional
4.2.2 Flow Rate 950-5700L/min.
4.2.3 Shoot Range Water ≥ 70 m, Foam ≥ 60 m
4.2.4 Location On the top of the boom
4.2.5 Control Manner Remote control
4.2.6 Horizontal Rotation Angle 0°~355°
4.2.7 Pitch Rotation Angle -45°~120°
4.3 Liquid Tank
4.3.1 Capacity Water 4000L, Foam 1000L
4.3.2 Material PP composite material and Never Rust
4.3.3 Structure Two Tank Manhole; One Overflow Device/Pressure Relief Device; Two Liquid Level Indicators; One Foam tank Drain Outlets with Valves; One Water tank Drain Outlets with Valves.
4.4 Control Panel
4.4.1 Structure Each fire extinguishing system is controlled by PLC, and different standardized control modules can be selected. IP56 protection level
4.4.2 Location Rear pump room
5. Enterprise Reference Pictures

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