Sinotruk 10 Wheelers HOWO 6×4 10m3 Capacity 371hp Cement Mixer Truck

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1 unit

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T/T, L/C

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1000 units/month

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30-40 days

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Manual HW19710

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Sinotruk 10 Wheelers HOWO 10m3 Cement Mixer 6×4 10cbm 371hp Concrete Mixer Truck

Main features of concrete truck mixer

1) Material selection / Material: WISCO Q345 low alloy steel is used to make the mixer tank blades. Shanghai Baosteel B520JJ or QSTE420TM alloy steel can also be selected for customer requirements.
2) Cutting: All the company's sheet cutting, need to be programmed into the C NC plasma flame cutting machine for cutting and cutting. High efficiency and high precision in the blanking process
3) Cylinder production: There are three key process requirements for mixing car body: one is concentricity, the other is strength, the surface and helix angle of the three cylinder blades
1. Concentricity. Our Company's mixing car body adopts the special “mixing car body splicing tooling”, which effectively guarantees the concentricity of the cylinder through the clamping position of the mixing cylinder flange, head, raceway and barrel connection.
2. Strength. The strength of the tank is mainly guaranteed by the welding process. The company uses automatic welding machine to carry out the ring seam of the tank, the welding of the longitudinal seam, and the welding consumables use the welding wire of a well-known brand.
3. The barrel of the cylinder. The barrel blades are the more critical components of the mixer truck. There are two symmetrically distributed logarithmic spirals in the body of the mixing car. The blades are designed in different sections of the cylinder to have different helix angles, pitches, elevations and chamfers, and eliminate the blades and the wall. The dead angle of the joint can realize three-dimensional space agitation; the feeding and discharging speed is fast, the concrete homogeneity is good, the yield rate is high, and no material is accumulated. The three main technical performance indicators of feed rate, discharge speed, concrete homogeneity and yield rate exceeded the national regulations.


Concrete mixing capacity 8cbm 10cbm 12cbm 14cbm

HW76, with 1 sleeper & A/C

Vehicle Main Dimension

(L x W x H) mm

9400x2500x3920 9600x2500x3950 9850x2525x3950 10500×2496×3980
Wheel base (mm) 3625+1350 3825+1350 4025+1350 1800+3200+1350

Wheel track

(front/rear) (mm)

1500/2725 1500/2365 1550/2915 1500/2380
Approach / Departure angle(°) 16/15 19/22 25/13 16/19
Tare Weight 13700 14500 15300 16500
Loading Capacity 27300 26500 25700 33500
Front axles HF9 1×9000 HF9 2×9000
Rear axles HC16 2×16000
Engine Brand WEICHAI
Model WD615.47
Type 4-stroke direct injection , 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo- charging and inter-cooling

Horse Power




Euro II
Gearbox HW19710 , 10 forwards & 2 reverse
Clutch Reinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430mm
Steering Gear ZF 8118,power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance
Fuel tank (L) 300
Tire 12R22.5 tubeless tire , 10 pieces with one spare total 11 pieces.

Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brakeParking brake :(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels

Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake

Mixing tank material Q345
Thickness for end plate 8mm
Thickness for mixer body 6mm
Feeding Speed (m3) ≥3
Discharging Speed (≥m3) ≥2
Leftover Rate Nearly Zero
Max Rotating Speed (r/min) 14—16
Driving System Speed Reducer Italy brand PMP
Hydraulic Pump Italy brand PMP
Hydraulic Motor Italy brand PMP
Water Tank Capacity (L) 400

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