Sinotruck Howo 8×4 371hp 50 Ton XCMG 1400kg SQ14SK4Q Truck Mounted Crane

China Sinotruck Howo 8×4 371hp 50 Ton XCMG 1400kg SQ14SK4Q Truck Mounted Crane supplier

Sinotruck Howo 8×4 371hp 50 Ton XCMG 1400kg SQ14SK4Q Truck Mounted Crane image

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1 unit

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Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C

Supply Ability :
1000 units/month

Delivery Time :
15-25 days

Packaging Details :
nude package

Max. lifting Moment :

Crane Model :

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Max. lifting capacity :

Truck Loading Cpacity :
50 ton

Engine :
WD615.47, 371hp

Drive Wheel :

Cargo Box Size :

Sinotruck Howo 8×4 371hp 50 Ton Cargo Truck Mounted Crane XCMG 14 Ton SQ14SK4Q
1. Throttle Control System
Changing the form of previous manipulation and throttle operation individually,Realization of the bilateral handle synchronous and
driving throttle acceleration and deceleration automatically, due to the speed change steady,it can easily to carry out the
lifting work.
2. End position automatic hook device
Maximum savings in preparation time before and after operation, to ensure that customer’s vehicle could be in a driving state in
the shortest time, and prevent crane damage accident caused by hoist swing to enhance the safety of driving.
3. Hoisting overwinder device
If a user is negligent or unfamiliar with the operation of lifting hooks,the hoisting overwinder device will stop hook raise in
time, to prevent the safety of personal and property caused by fracture of wire rope.
4. Slewing locking device
Slewing locking device can ensure that the lifting arm does not sway because of the centrifugal force during the driving and
steering process of the vehicle,to avoid all kinds of accidents caused by swaying.
5. Dual pump converging
The hydraulic system adopts dual high pressure gear pump, multi-way valve hoisting joint to realize the converging, to improve the
speed of winch, at the same time, it can realize the compound action of crane.
6. Torque limiter
It can select torque limit overload protection device to prevent users because of negligence or unfamiliar with the lifting
operation principle of overload operation, thereby causing the vehicle rollover and crane damage accidents.

Specification of Crane
Model SQ14SK4Q Unit
Max Lifting Capacity 14000 kg
Max Lifting Moment 35 T.M
Recommend Power 32 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 63 L/min
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 26 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 160 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation
Crane Weight 4800 kg
Installation Space 1300 mm

SQ14SK4Q Lifting capability diagram

Working radius(m) 2.5 5 8 1 1 13.2 15.8
Lifting capacity(kg) 14000 6000 3500 2300 1800 1200
Specification of Chassis Truck
Chassis Model ZZ1317N4667W
Dimension(Lx W xH) 12484×2496×4125mm
Loading Capacity (Ton) 40ton
Cargo body size (LxWxH) 8700×2300×600, bottom 3 mm, side 2 mm
Approaching angle/Departure angle 16/14°
Overhang(front/rear) 1500/2734mm
Wheel base 1800+4600+1350mm
Max speed 102km/h
Curb weight 18245kg
Cabin HW76, 2 seats & 1 sleeper with A/C
Engine Model WD615.47,water-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders in line with water cooling,turbocharged and intercooling, direct injection
Fuel type Diesel
Power, max(kw/rpm) 371HP
Emission EURO II
Fuel tanker capacity(L) 400L aluminum oil tank
Transmission Model HW19710, 10 forward and 2 reverse
Brake system Service brake

Dual circuit compressed air brake

Steering system Model ZF8118 hydraulic
Front axle HF9
Rear axle HC16
Tire 12.00R20 (Radial Tyre), 12pcs + 1 spare tire
Electrical system Battery 2X12V/165Ah
Alternator 28V-1500kw
Starter 7.5Kw/24V

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