Q345 2 Axles 60000kg Logging Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension

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Brand Name :
Genron Brand

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :
Shandong, China

1 units

Price :
$5000 / unit – $10000/units

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
300 units / month

Delivery Time :
5-8 days

Packaging Details :
nude packing

Product name :
2 Axles Wood / Timber / Logging Transport Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension

Condition :

Suspension :
Bogie suspendion

Tire :
12R22.5 Vacuum Tire/11.00R20

Matiriel :

Size :
7000*2500*1400 mm

Loading Capacity :
30 tons

Port :

The Configuration List

Timber / Wood / Logging transport semi trailer
Assembly Composition Specification Optional
Dimensions Size(LxWxH) 13000x2500x4000mm
Curb weight 10700kg
Loading weight 60000kg
Chassis Main beam Q345 Steel; The height of the beam is 500mm; Upper plate is 14mm; Middle plate is 8mm; Downplate is 16mm.
Cross beam 16# channel steel
Side beam 25# channel steel
King pin 2'' or 3.5'' traction pin Optional JOST
Floor 3mm diamond steel plate
Fence 1.5m steel plate 600mm height, fence 500mm+200mm
Support leg China brand 28Tons (Double speed)
Suspension Type Common mechanical Optional Air suspension
Steel spring 90(W)mm*13(Thick)mm*10 Layer
Axle Brand Fuwa(13000kgx3) Optional BPW
Wheel rim 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim
Tire 12.00R22.5 Optional 12.00-20
Brake system Brake chamber WEBCO, 6 big chamber
Brake valve KTL/WEBCO
Brake syste Dual line brake system Optional ABS
Other Light Tail lamp with tum signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.
Landing gear 28 Ton manual operating, heavy duty landing gear. Optional JOST
Tool box 1 set standard tool box
Spare tire carrier 2 pcs
Painting 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint.

Product Description

Full-length logs can be transported by stinger-steer log trailers or fixed length log trailers.

Pole trailers were designed to minimize the overall tare weight of the truck. It is limited to working with tree length material.

The stems are not supported in the middle, just between the bolsters at either end.

The trailer is typically a set of double-axle wheels with a rotating bunk. As the truck turns the length of the stems

is fixed between the bolsters, but the distance between the truck and trailer must elongate. The pole connector must

therefore be telescoping. A slight variation on the pole trailer is the stinger-steer trailer, specifically designed for turning

on roads with tight turning radii.

Stinger-steered log trailers consist of a tractor with a log bunk mounted over the fifth wheel. This log bunk is capable of

rotating on the fifth wheel. A second set of bunks is mounted on a pair of axles and is capable of rotating. The tractor

has a bar extending from the back, called a reach, with a pintle hitch. The rear bunks have a steel bar, called a stinger,

that consists of a telescoping bar so that the distance between the tractor and trailer can change as needed.

The stinger attaches to the reach to complete the trailer. The advantage of a stinger-steer is that the trailer wheels

follow the path of the tractor wheels when going around corners. This permits operation on roads with tight corners.

The Drawing Of the 2 Axles Wood / Timber / Logging Transport Semi Trailer

Product Details

The Factory Workshop

Our Service

Our Service

1.Before Sale Service


We will gave you the matched product details configuration and drawing according to your market ,show you the

best-selling model pictures and reasonable best price.

Reception & Accompany

After you accepted the offer price we have made to your company have the pre-interview ,you can come to visit

our office and then go to visit factory ,we will arrange your everything in China. Or if you not sure which model

of trailer or other product you should chose ,we can arrange our professional technical checking your market together with you.

2.After Sale Service

We have our own technical team, we will gave you repaired method within 12 hours through calling or email.

We can go to visit you gave you technical guide after or before you buy ‘Genron’ products.

We will post to you all spare parts for free within guarantee period after the spare parts were out of work

which are under normal operation.

We can go to your place to teach your team how to operate the trailer or our machines .

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Our Customers

Why do you choose Genron?

11 years overseas experience :

As our more than 11 years overseas produce and exporting business experience focus on the trailer and truck filed ,

We used nine years visited on Ghana, Burkina faso, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia ,Tanzania ,Kenya,

Malaysia ,Indonesia ,Philippine, Vietnam ,LAOS , Mayanmar, Algeria, Dubai.

Mirror Trading :

We will gave you the best price and quality product. Because we hope our cooperation like mirror ,Customer

as mirror ,one side is factory ,inside is Genron,

We Minimize all loses that may arise from the producers .We respond to the demands and requirements of the

companies , we work with in the most effective way and as soon as possible.

Professional Technical Team:

The strong advantage of Genron compare with other trading company and company is we have our own professional

design team: One engineer Mr.Fanming Bu (working for CIMC company five years, design trailer and production line

six years),Five technical person: Mr.Wenming Zhao(design tanker trailer for 11 years),Mr. Xianzhen Zhao(design welding

machinery four years), Mr.Haifeng Liu(design trailer axles four years). Mr.Zuoliang Yang( design tipper trailer six years).

Mr.Jihe Cao(Design tanker trailer five years).

We are China Q345 2 Axles 60000kg Logging Semi Trailer With Bogie Suspension manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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