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The frame design reasonably adopts thick steel plate, which is strong and durable, reduces the vibration of the engine and prolongs the service life of the machine.
The lengthened chassis makes the grounding area of the track longer and wider, and also ensures the stability of the front and back of the machine, making climbing and crossing the ditch more safe and smooth through complex terrain (80 Mary widened and raised chassis)
The engine uses 4-cylinder Laidong, Weichai and other engines.
The gearbox adopts the special gearbox for crawler tractor independently developed by our factory, which has strong power and flexible response. There are 4 forward gears, 1 backward gear, high speed and low gear, and the rear power output has high and low speed gear.
The steering of the machine adopts hydraulic unilateral cut-off power to reduce the wear on the brake (disc and disc) and prolong the service life.
Rear installation suspension (with suspension) is common to all wheeled tractor agricultural machinery
The hydraulic system of this car is hydraulic transmission oil, which is resistant to high temperature and equipped with 80 mesh filter, which can effectively filter iron filings and impurities in transmission oil. Pretend to be hydraulic oil radiator and reduce the temperature by transmission oil during use to avoid damage and Operation failure to the gearbox.
Adding water tank cooling fin plus-sized water tank container can effectively reduce the high temperature generated by the engine during use. (80 horsepower plus-sized water tank)
Air filter is dry filter, which can filter a large amount of dust and soil. (80 horsepower plus-sized air filter)
80 horsepower installed 100A plus-sized battery, long battery life.
One side adopts the design of installing 1 driving wheel, 6 supporting wheel, 2 top wheels, 1 tension pulley, and 6 supporting wheel, it can effectively disperse the weight of the machine to every wheel, thus reducing the bearing weight of the wheel and making the wheel more durable and wear-resistant.
The use of two top wheels can reduce the trembling amplitude of the track, so that the track will not derail.
Sheet metal parts of the machine are made of thick steel plate above T4, which is strong and durable and not easy to deform.
The paint color is made of high quality plastic spraying powder, which has high adhesion and good weather resistance.
Large Capacity of diesel tank and long battery life (80 horsepower double diesel tank plus-sized capacity)
High-quality two-way distributor with long service life and fast response

Size 2900*1360*1850 Standard configuration size
Diesel engine Xinchai Push soil shovel Width:1.3-1.4m Height:45cm
Engine speed 2500 Rotary tiller Width:1.3,1.5m Depth:25-35cm
Machine Weight 1850kg Furrowing machine Offset ditch, width 40cm, depth 40-50cm, depth adjustable (0-50cm)
Fuel consumption 3-5 liters/mu Replace broken grass Width 1.3m,1.5m, two-bend flail knife design
Walking Speed 15km/h Tree digging machine diameter 30-50cm
Working Speed 5-8 mu/hour
Gearbox Special track tractor gearbox
Gear main speed 5 Gear/auxiliary speed 2 gear
Track it consists of rubber + five-layer steel wire + iron skeleton, which is not easy to run off, and is not easy to derail (1. Guide rail 2. Additional tooth ruler)
Air filter Dust in the air needs to be cleaned per shift (4 hours)
Clearance 420mm

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