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1 unit

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T/T, L/C

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1000 units per month

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7-10 days

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Front Loader

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1 year

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100% new

XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader Direct Injection Engine Powerful

The LW500FN wheel loader is the most efficient and energy-saving product that XCMG has built with ten years of professional experience. The electrical system, hydraulic system, structural parts, cab, hood, etc. are fully optimized, upgraded, reliable, and capable Operating comfort and easy maintenance are significantly improved.
· Higher reliability
·The rear frame adopts a high-strength steel box-shaped tailor-welded structure, which has an unprecedented increase in carrying capacity.
·The bucket is made of high-strength steel plate, and the service life is more than doubled.
·Imported wiring harness and layout technology, equipped with imported waterproof and dust-proof connectors, beautiful appearance and reliable performance.
·Special material seals are used to resist low temperature and pressure; international brand hoses and joints have long life and no leakage.
·Dust-proof respirator is fully applied, the cleanliness of the system is significantly improved, the service life of each component is prolonged, and the reliability is improved by more than 10%.
· Work harder
·Large strength: Optimized hydraulic system, stronger traction, improved adaptability to working conditions.
·Small and medium wheelbase design, small turning radius, good site adaptability and strong working stability.
·Optimized power transmission system, higher driving speed, and comprehensive operation efficiency increased by more than 15% compared with traditional models.
· Energy saving is more significant
·Energy-saving low-speed engine, XCMG patented technology, high-efficiency and large-capacity torque converter, special gearbox, energy saving effect is remarkable.
·The optimized cooling system can effectively reduce the working temperature of the engine, hydraulic system and transmission system, and reduce the oil consumption of the whole machine.
·Optimized design and layout of hydraulic system pipe lines to reduce pipeline damping and fuel consumption;
·Double pumps are combined to make full use of power and save fuel and high efficiency.
· Driving more comfortable
·New-style cab, with large operating space and wide field of vision.
·New digital combined instrument panel, front and rear adjustable, beautiful and easy to operate.
·Using a new type of fuse box, centralized control of the whole machine electrical appliances, convenient and efficient troubleshooting.

Product Paramenters

Description Unit Parameter value
Rated operating load kg 5000
Bucket capacity 2.5~4.5
Machine weight kg 16900
Dump clearance at maximum lift mm 3150~3560
Reach at maximum lift mm 1100~1190
Wheel base mm 2960
Tread mm 2250
Height of hinge at maximum lift height mm 4112
Working height (fully lifted) mm 5510
Max. breakout force kN 170
Hydraulic cycle time-raise s ≤6
Total hydraulic cycle time s ≤10.5
Min. turning radius over tyres mm 5950
Articulation angle ° 35
Gradeability ° 28
Tyre size 23.5-25-16PR
Overall machine dimension L×W×H mm 7910×3016×3515
Model WD10G220E21
Rated Power kW 162
Fuel Tank L 250
Hydraulic Tank L 210
Travel Speed Ⅰ-gear(F/R) km/h 13/18
Ⅱ-gear(F/R) km/h 40

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