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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C

Supply Ability :
500 units/month

Delivery Time :
15-25 days

Packaging Details :

Horsepower :
351 – 450hp

Capacity (Load) :

Emission Standard :
Euro 2

Fuel Type :

Driving type :

Color :
Customer’s Request

Cargo box material :
Carbon steel

Warranty :
1 year

SHACMAN F3000 Euro 2 Euro 3 Dump Truck Load 40-50Ton Tipper

SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is a new generation of high-strength lightweight materials selected by Shaanxi Automobile relying on the strong research and development capabilities of "National Enterprise Technology Center and Post-Doctoral Research Workstation". It is designed with patented technology and is designed with large capacity and lighter weight. Box. The whole vehicle has the characteristics of lightweight, economical and practical, high strength, etc., and is especially suitable for transporting large-capacity coal, sand and gravel materials on high-efficiency roads. It has three major advantages: lighter weight, higher transportation efficiency, and safety and reliability.

SHACMAN F3000 dump truck adopts high-strength rigid plates. Through the international leading CAE analysis and finite element topology optimization, the new frame structure design, double-layer pressure, one-time forming, the lining beam of the frame is optimized from 7mm to 5mm, and the structure is More reasonable, lower center of gravity, lighter weight, stronger bearing capacity. Using SIS suspension system, combined with Hande MAN technology lightweight front axle and Steyr technology drive axle, the carrying capacity is far superior to the domestic lightweight dump trucks of the same level. Lightweight transmission shafts, aluminum alloy air storage cylinders and fuel tanks are used for lighter weight. The entire carriage is made of imported high-strength sheet metal. The side panels of the carriage are stamped and formed at one time, which is nearly 2 tons lighter than the ordinary sheet metal box, and its strength is increased by 3.2 times. The vehicle's own weight reaches 13.5 tons.

SHACMAN F3000 dump truck is equipped with Weichai Landking WP10 series high-horsepower engine, low-speed torque, strong heavy-duty gradeability, equipped with the latest Bosch BOSCH high-pressure common rail system and built-in EGR technology, intelligent ECU accurately controls fuel injection, up to 1600 Pakistan fuel injection pressure, fuel atomization effect is greatly improved, diesel fuel burns more fully, with multi-power fuel-saving switch, water-relief filter, fuel-saving constant temperature fan and advanced fuel-saving cylinder-cutting technology, perfect combination, fuel economy is better, and combustion efficiency is better. If you need welcome to contact us get good price

Drive Type 6×4 / 6×4
Cab F3000 Mid-Lengthened Flat Roof, A/C, one sleeper
Engine WP10.340/380, ISME345/385 30
Transmission 12JSD160T (12-Forward, 2-Reverse Shifts)
Tyre Options 12.00R20, 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5
Front/Rear Axles 7.5 Ton / 2*16 Ton
Overall Dimensions (mm) 10350*2490*3450
Body Dimensions (mm) 5200/7600*2300*1500-1700
Body Specs Front Lifting, Bottom 8mm, Side 4mm or at buyer's option
Color Options White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, etc.

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