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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C

Supply Ability :
50 units per month

Delivery Time :
20-30 work days

Packaging Details :
nude, bulk cargo ship, roro, container from main ports in China

Gross towing trailer weight (kg) :
Overloading up to 100 tons

Dimension :

Emission :

Rated Power :

Frame :
Benz Technology

Tire :
12.00R20 radial tire

Genron New Beiben NG80B Series 2638ASZ 6×6 380hp Tractor Prime Mover Truck Head Mercedes Benz Technology

Genron supplies Beiben tractors made by Beiben truck in Baotou, China. Beiben using unique "beiben" heavy truck brand, giving full play to the advantages of German Benz heavy vehicle technology, relying on first-class manufacturing equipment and technological process, deepen and weichai, method and special strength of the parts suppliers, optimize itself has the engine, gearbox, axle, cabin, frame and other important resources, through the linkage, penglai, chongqing, baotou, Hong Kong and radiation national production layout, constantly expanding the domestic unique, technology first-class Benz heavy duty truck platform influence and popularity, with new attitude to participate in the heavy duty truck market competition.

Advantage of Beiben NG80B Series 2638ASZ 6×6 380hp Tractor Prime Mover Truck Head Mercedes Benz Technology:

1. A high quality of whole body sheet stamping forming, composite laminated plate compound, the steel skeleton, double cavity north running of the bridge has three security defense line, effectively improve the passive safety, higher structural strength, reduce the cab to absorb energy, vibration and deformation, the sound effect is better, create rides personnel no one died in the accident, the health preservation rate of 100%.

2. Beiben special steam tractor has WEVB engine braking system, which improves the braking efficiency of the whole vehicle by 55%.When the vehicle goes down a long slope, the braking times and time are obviously reduced, and the working life of the braking system and tires is extended, which greatly improves the safety of the vehicle.

3. Beiben auto adopts Benz, Doz, P11C-uh Hino and WP-Weichai series, giving you different levels of choice.The high-power vehicle is fully equipped with Weichai WP10WP12 series engines of 247kW, 275kW and 308kW. The power performance of the vehicle is improved by 30% and the power output is more powerful by using Power matching technology of Benz and military products test and test means.Under the same load condition, fuel consumption is reduced by 15%.Engine low speed torque, strong bearing capacity, wide range of large torque, so that the vehicle in various working conditions can operate efficiently, to achieve the goal of DORA fast running.

4. Domestic leading fast transmission for the dual intermediate shaft structure, large torque transmission, the ability to climb strong, economical and fuel-efficient.Beiben auto's unique gear shifting mechanism allows users to choose the best speed ratio according to different working conditions.With pneumatic power transmission, easy to operate, clear block, good hand feel, power – taking device type variety.

5. Beiben special automobile bridge adopts Benz technology, advanced and precise Benz automobile bridge, with stable mass, large transmission torque, strong axle load bearing force according to German DIN standard, and smooth operation.The front axle load is 7.5 tons, and the rear axle load is 13 tons. The driving axle housing has been detected by the national authority. Under the loading condition of 2.5 times gravity, the fatigue life test has been conducted continuously for 1.17 million times without fracture.The driving axle can match the differential lock between wheels and Bridges, with a wide range of vehicle-bridge speed ratio, suitable for a variety of models.Main reducer, wheel side reducer gear material exclusive selection of 25MoCr4E alloy steel, bridge housing, differential housing, bearing housing choose ductile iron manufacturing, product quality is guaranteed.

6. Combined with Weichai Power, optimize vehicle performance, readjust matching parameters of engine, transmission and vehicle bridge, improve vehicle operating efficiency, improve vehicle dynamic performance and reduce fuel consumption.

7. In order to reduce the vehicle center of gravity, facilitate vehicle modification, enhance the stability and road adaptability of the vehicle, Beiben Special Auto launched a full series of heavy-duty tippers chassis matching 860mm wide frame, Benz suspension, double reduction bridge and car length of 5.2~ 8.1m.

8. the use of American TAS85 steering gear, with hydraulic power function, easy to operate, accurate steering Angle, handle weight appropriate, obvious road sense

9. Benz suspension technology, front suspension with horizontal stabilizer bar and hydraulic shock absorber, rear suspension adopts Benz balance suspension unique to Beiben, with good passability and easy to cope with the severe challenge of complex road conditions.

Details of Beiben NG80B Series 2638ASZ 6×6 380hp Tractor Prime Mover Truck Head Mercedes Benz Technology:

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Model 2638SZ
Traction type 6X4
Driving type Left Hand Driving
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 7180x2490x3180
Wheel base(mm) 3450+1450mm
Curb weight(kg) 9200
Total mass(kg) 25000
Traction force(kg) 396700


Steyr technology, made in China

WP12.420E32 420HP

Diesel, 4-stoke Direct injection

6-cylinder in line, radiator,


Displacement(L) 11.596
Bore X stroke (mm) 126mm/130mm
Max power(kw/rpm) 420HP/308Kw
Max torque(Nm/rpm) 1350NM@1600/rpm
Emission EUROII
Fuel tanker(L) 400 steel fuel tank
Gearbox Brand Fuller (Fast)
Model 12JS200T
Shift mode

12 forward speeds;

2 reverse speeds

Steering system Model ZF8098
Clutch Model 430 Diaphragm type
Frame 317x70x8.5+7+12mm
Front axle 7.5 Tfront non-driving steering axle
Middle and Rear axle 13T Double reduction driving axle
Tyre 12.00R20
Number of tyre 10+1 spare
Fifth wheel 90#(3.5inch)
Suspension Leaf spring type