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Brand Name :

Model Number :
DH13K DH16K DH13K2 DH16K2

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Price :

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :
1000 units/month

Delivery Time :
15-20 days

Packaging Details :
nude package

Warranty :
1 Year

Moving type :
crawler bulldozer

Hydraulic Cylinder B :

Hydraulic Valve Bran :

Core Components :
Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Gear, Pump

Shantui Bulldozer DH13K DH16K DH13K2 DH16K2 Emission Reaches EPA Tier 4 final/EU Stage Ⅳ standard Export to European and American countries

Shantui DH13K DH13K2 performance characteristics
DH13K full hydraulic bulldozer is a hydrostatic transmission bulldozer developed by Shantui for markets with high emission requirements such as Europe and the United States. It has passed CE and North American certification; it has advanced technology, reliable performance, high production efficiency, easy maintenance, comfortable and safe driving and other characteristics; Added multiple operation modes, auxiliary leveling system and other functions, which are more intelligent and efficient. It can provide stable and efficient services in any working conditions such as gardens, land leveling, municipal engineering, rescue, and logging. It is your ideal assistant.

1 Low emission and more energy saving
It adopts electronically controlled engine, and its emission reaches EPA Tier 4 final/EU Stage Ⅳ standard;
It adopts innovative Shantui hydrostatic drive optimization technology, multiple operation modes, stronger dynamics and more energy-saving (fuel consumption saving more than 15%).
2 Smarter visualization
Independently develop the control program based on the TTC-60 controller and master the core technology; it has the function of slip rate control mode, slope control mode, and limp home;
Integrated large-screen color LCD display, mode setting, maintenance reminder, temporary emergency treatment;
The visual fault diagnosis system realizes fault online testing, which is convenient and quick.
3 More quiet and more comfortable
In the shock-absorbing cab, the noise at the driver's ear is not higher than 78dBa;
Air suspension seat;
Radio, player;
High-power heating and cooling air conditioner, with fresh air function;
Fully electronically controlled handle, comfortable operation.
4 More refined and more efficient
Standard Power Angle Shovel (PAT)
Realize the functions of lifting, tilting, angle adjustment, floating, and shaking;
The chamfer of the shovel head is designed to improve the operation field of vision, combined with the slope control function and the sensitivity multi-mode selection, to achieve the requirements of fine operation on flat ground and slope.
5 Fewer failures and easy maintenance
The hydraulic and electrical parts use international well-known brands, with stable performance and high reliability;
The maintenance parts are arranged reasonably, and the filter element replacement and oil filling are simple and easy, reducing the auxiliary time of work.

With its good appearance design, comfortable driving experience, and superior product performance, DH16K has successively participated in major industry exhibitions such as the HILLHEAD construction machinery exhibition in the UK, the INTERMAT exhibition in France, and the American exhibition. The market attracts foreign customers, speaks for the domestic bulldozer brand, and provides opportunities and examples for Shantui to accelerate the promotion of K-type full hydraulic bulldozer products in the high-end market.
For a long time, the European and American EPATier4 final and EUStage Ⅳ emission standards are the existence of the domestic bulldozer industry. Until the launch of Shantui K full hydraulic bulldozers, from DH13K to DH16K, it has achieved zero breakthroughs and filled this gap. It proves the potential of China's construction machinery at high-end R&D level and its unwilling ambitions.
In order to achieve the “high-end” positioning, Shantui has integrated the six independent superior technologies of intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, safety and comfort in order to achieve the “high-end” positioning. Inside, combined with a number of industry-leading technological innovations, the Shantui DH16K has just been realized.
Condensed in Shantui’s 40 years of dedication and technology accumulation, the DH16K full hydraulic bulldozer adopts an internationally renowned power system and static pressure drive control technology. It has surging power, higher work efficiency and excellent fuel economy; its complete machine load is free. Adaptability, flexibility and efficiency, excellent performance in narrow sites; intelligent control strategy of the whole machine makes the bulldozer more intelligent; in addition, super stability, first-class driving experience and all-round performance suitable for various working conditions bring customers high A cost-effective solution.

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