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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
4-5 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Bulk Carrier or Ro-Ro Ship

Overall Dimension :

Total Weight :
22700Kgs with Full Load

Chassis :
Japanese ISUZU 6×4

Engine Power :

Cabin :
Double Row Cabin with 6 Seats

Superstructure :
Aluminum Alloy Welded Structure (Never Rust)

Water/Foam Tank :
8000L Water and 2000L Foam Tank

Fire Pump :
60L/[email protected]

Fire Monitor :
48L/[email protected] with 60m Spray Distance

Painting :
Red paint of U.S. PPG

1. Comapny Profile

CXFIRE, founded in the year of 1963, is the biggest fire fighting vehicles manufacturer in China. The annual output is 1000 units fire fighting trucks. The main factory is located in Chengdu of China with an area of 200,000 square meters and 600 employees.

2. The Whole Industrial Fire Truck

  • Model: SXF5231GXFPM100
  • Overall Dimension: 9435mm×2500mm×3620mm
  • Full Load Weight: 22700kgs
  • Number of the Crew: 6 (include driver)
  • Max. Speed: 90km/h
  • Capacity: 8000L Water & 2000L Foam. PP composite material liquid tank
  • Fire pump flow rate: 60L/s @ 10bar
  • Fire monitor: 48L/s flow rate, 60m shoot range
  • Painting: Red color, U.S. PPG brand.

3. Chassis

No. Main Items Technical Parameters
3.1 Brand Japanese ISUZU
3.2 Model Optional
3.3 Drive type 6×4
3.4 Wheelbase


3.5 Engine model Optional
3.6 Engine type Inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled diesel engine
3.7 Rated power 221Kw
3.8 Gearbox form Manual gearbox, 9 forward gears + 1 reverse gear
3.9 PTO Full power sandwich type
3.10 Fuel tank capacity 300L fuel tank

4. Superstructure Parameters

4.1 Cabin

4.1.1 Structure: Double-row seat integrated welding structure with special hydraulic turning mechanism.

4.1.2 Seats: 1+1 in the front row, 4 people in the back row.

4.1.3 Safety: Three-point pre-tightened seat belts are installed.

4.1.4 SCBA Setting: SCBA brackets are installed at the rear seats, and 6.8L-9L air cylinders can be placed.

4.1.5 Interior: PTO switch and alarm lights switches installed in the cab etc.

4.1.6 Lighting: Original lighting of chassis.

4.1.7 Step ladder: High-strength integrated non-slip step ladder.

4.1.8 Storage space: Storage box is arranged under the rear seats.

4.1.9 Air conditioning: fluorine-free environmental protection air conditioning system.

4.1.10 Handrail: Non-slip safety handrail.

4.2. Subframe

4.2.1 Material: High-strength special steel.

4.2.2 Performance: The liquid tank and the sub-frame are connected by elastic connecting seats with torque reduction performance, which not only increases the flexibility of the connection between the frame and the tank, prevents deformation and breakage of the upper body, but also increases the strength of the upper body.

4.3. Compartment

4.3.1 Material: All made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.

4.3.2 Structure: The frame of the carriage is all-aluminum alloy frame welded structure, and the outer skin is made of bonded aluminum alloy plates.

4.3.3 Roof guard: Made of aluminum alloy as a whole, with strobe warning lights and exterior lights installed outside, and LED roof lights inside.

4.3.4 Ladder frame: A set of multifunctional ladder frame is set on the top.

4.3.5 Rear ladder: An aluminum alloy safety ladder leading to the roof is set on the right side of the rear.

4.4. Roller Shutter

4.4.1 Material: Lightweight high-quality aluminum alloy.

4.4.2 Structure: A diversion groove on the top and a sealing strip around it, which has good rainproof and dustproof sealing performance.

4.4.3 Layout: The sides of the equipment box and the rear pump room.

4.5. Foot Pedal

4.5.1 Material: High-quality aluminum alloy profile.

4.5.2 Structure: Overall drawing structure of aluminum alloy profile, with a width of 50cm and a load-bearing capacity of more than 300kg.

4.5.3 Layout: Under the equipment box and pump room.

4.6. Electrical System

4.6.1 Warning light warning: Long row warning light are set on the top; The control devices are installed in the cab.

4.6.2 Equipment box lights: There are LED white lighting strips on both sides of the equipment box. The light switch and the rolling door are linked.

4.6.3 Strobe lights: Strobe lights for warning are arranged on the upper part.

4.6.4 Exterior lighting: LED lights for lighting are provided on the upper part of the compartment.

4.6.5 Roof lighting: LED lights are provided inside the top of the carriage.

4.6.6 Side Indicater Light: Built-in yellow indicater lights are installed on pedals.

5. Reference Pictures of CXFIRE

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