Heavy Duty Fire Truck with 16000L Water & Foam and MAN Chassis

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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
8-10 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Bulk Carrier or Ro-Ro Ship

Total Dimension :

Full Weight :
32000Kgs with Full Load

Chassis :
6×4 Germany MAN

Engine :

Cabin :
Front Driver’s Cabin+Rear Crew Cabin, 2+4 Seats

Superstructure :
Aluminum Alloy Welded Structure

Liquid Tank :
12000L Water Tank & 4000L Foam Tank & PP Material

Water Pump :

Water Monitor :
80L/s@10bar with 85m Shoot Range

Painting :
Red paint of U.S. PPG

  • Heavy Duty Fire Truck with 16000L Water & Foam and MAN Chassis
  • Germany MAN heavy-duty fire fighting truck is a common vehicle used in the industrial areas and fire department. It can take 6 firefighters and has 12000L water tank & 4000L foam tank. The fire pump flow rate has 100L/s and the fire monitor is 85m shoot range.

1. The Whole Fire Truck

No. Main Items Technical Parameters
1.1 Model SXF5321GXFPM160/M
1.2 Overall Dimension


1.3 Full Load Weight 32000kgs
1.4 Number of the Crew 6 (include driver)
1.5 Max. Speed 90km/h
1.6 Capacity 12000L Water & 4000L Foam. PP composite material liquid tank (Never Rust)
1.7 Fire pump flow rate 100L/s @ 10bar
1.8 Fire monitor 80L/s flow rate, 85m shoot range
1.9 Paint Red Color, U.S. PPG

2. Chassis

  • Manufacturer: Germany MAN
  • Model: Optional
  • Drive type: 6*4
  • Wheelbase: 5100+1400mm
  • Engine type: Inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled diesel engine
  • Power: 353Kw
  • Gearbox: Manual gearbox, 16 forward gears + 2 reverse gear
  • PTO: Full power sandwich type, with additional cooling device
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300L

3. Superstructure of the Heavy Duty Fire Truck

3.1 Cabin

3.1.1 Structure: Front Driver's Cabin+Rear Crew Cabin

3.1.2 Seats: 1+1 in the front cabin, 4 people in the crew cabin.

3.1.3 Safety: Three-point pre-tightened seat belts are installed.

3.1.4 SCBA Setting: SCBA brackets are installed at the rear seats, and 6.8L-9L air cylinders can be placed.

3.1.5 Interior: PTO switch and alarm lights switches installed in the cab etc.

3.1.6 Lighting: Original lighting of chassis.

3.1.7 Step ladder: High-strength integrated non-slip step ladder.

3.1.8 Storage space: Storage box is arranged under the rear seats.

3.1.9 Air conditioning: fluorine-free environmental protection air conditioning system.

3.1.10 Handrail: Non-slip safety handrail.

3.2 Aluminum Compartment

3.2.1 Material: All made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.

3.2.2 Structure: The frame of the carriage is all-aluminum alloy frame welded structure, and the outer skin is made of bonded aluminum alloy plates.

3.2.3 Roof guard: Made of aluminum alloy as a whole, with strobe warning lights and exterior lights installed outside, and LED roof lights inside.

3.2.4 Ladder frame: A set of multifunctional ladder frame is set on the top.

3.2.5 Rear ladder: An aluminum alloy safety ladder leading to the roof is set on the right side of the rear.

3.3 Electrical System

3.3.1 Warning light: Long row warning light are set on the top; The control devices are installed in the cab.

3.3.2 Equipment box lights: There are LED white lighting strips on both sides of the equipment box. The light switch and the rolling door are linked.

3.3.3 Strobe lights: Strobe lights for warning are arranged on the upper part.

3.3.4 Exterior lighting: LED lights for lighting are provided on the upper part of the compartment.

3.3.5 Roof lighting: LED lights are provided inside the top of the carriage.

3.3.6 Side Indicater Light: Built-in yellow indicater lights are installed on pedals.

4. Water Pump/Monitor/Liquid Tank
No. Main Items Technical Parameters
4.1 Water Pump
4.1.1 Brand Optional
4.1.2 Model Optional
4.1.3 Flow Rate 100L/s @ 10bar
4.1.4 Vacuum Pump Electric vacuum pump
4.1.5 Priming Manner Automatic
4.1.6 Suction Height 7m
4.1.7 Priming Time ≤60s
4.1.8 Location Rear-mounted
4.2 Roof Fire Monitor
4.2.1 Brand Optional
4.2.2 Model Optional
4.2.2 Flow Rate 80L/s @ 10bar
4.2.3 Shoot Range Water ≥85 m, Foam ≥ 80 m
4.2.4 Location On the top of the tank
4.2.5 Control Manner Remote Control
4.2.6 Horizontal Rotation 0°~340°
4.2.7 Pitch Rotation -15°~60°
4.3 Liquid Tank
4.3.1 Capacity Water 12000L, Foam 4000L
4.3.2 Material PP composite material and Never Rust
4.3.3 Structure Two Tank Manhole; One Overflow Device/Pressure Relief Device; Two Liquid Level Indicators; One Foam tank Drain Outlets with Valves; One Water tank Drain Outlets with Valves.
5. Company Reference Pictures

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