GENRON Right Driving Diesel Transport 5T light cargo truck With Single Carbin

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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :
Shangdong , China

1 Unit

Price :
$10900 USD -14999 USDUnit

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
80 Units per Month

Delivery Time :
5-20 Work Days

Packaging Details :
It can be transported by container or bulk cargo ship for container trailer.

Product Name :
GENRON Right driving diesel transport 5T light cargo with single carbin

Keyword :
China light truck

Brand name :

Size :

Fuel type :

Loading capacity :
5 Tons

Place of origine :

Emission standard :
Euro 2

Drive type :

GENRON Right driving diesel transport 5T light cargo with single carbin from Foton Group:

Discription of thr Foton light truck :

Load Capacity
3-5 tons

Truck Model

Front Overhang Flexible Buffer Cushion quantity (pcs)

Cabin Classification

Rear Overhang Flexible Buffer Cushion quantity (pcs)

Cabin Type
Single row seat, Tiltable

Fuel Tank Material

Wheel Drive

Fule Tank Volume(L)

Overall dimensions mm (LxWxH)

Service brake type
Hydraulic brake / F.R.drum brake Hydraulic brake / F.R.drum brake

chassis dimensions of the cargo body (LxWxH)mm

Parking brake type
Central drum brake

Cargo dimensions mm

Auxiliary brake type

Wheelbase mm


Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)

Lading sensing pressure proportoining valve

Curb weight (kg)

Central control lock

Chassis weight (kg)

Power window

Rated payload (kg)

Reversing sensor

Persons in cab(persons)

Rearview mirrow electric heating

Max. speed (km/h)


Time Auto is one of the core businesses of Foton Motor Group. It has leading resources in R&D, procurement, manufacturing and marketing. There are nearly 7,000 employees. At present, we mainly produce various truck products. There are four main product lines of dump trucks, flatbed trucks, special purpose vehicles and special purpose vehicles, with more than 80 product platforms, more than 600 varieties and an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles. It is the most comprehensive truck production base in the world and a production base for export. It is located in Changsha, Hunan and Zhucheng, Shandong. Since its establishment in 1996, Foton Motor, the era of total sales reached 4,000,510 business Qian, 19 years ahead of the target market.

Advantage of the Foton light truck :

1. The principle of aerodynamics, streamlined shape, the drag coefficient of Transit is only about 0.3, strong sense of speed, fuel-saving and labor-saving.
2. The harmonious front face curve and the waistline extending to the side of the car give the Transit a smooth dynamic passion.
3. The black decorative strips on the window frame and the lower part complement the concave line in the middle of the side car body, soft and rigid.
4. Large panoramic windshield glass, panoramic sightseeing, increase driving pleasure.
5. The front headlights have a split design, which separates the turn signal from the far and near beams, and the maintenance cost is much lower than that of the integrated headlights.
6. The front fog lamp has high penetration performance, and the foggy road information is also panoramic.
7. FORD logo, unique brand-name honor and psychological satisfaction.
8. Electric front window, large field of view, easy to control.
9. Sliding side sliding door is convenient for passengers to enter and exit.
10. The rear door has both a lift-up style and a side-open style, which can always satisfy your choice.
11. Perforated chrome-plated wheel cover, gorgeous and dynamic, like flowing art while driving.

High Efficient & Energy Saving:

By adjusting the power system, engine power, transmission ratio and rear axle ratio are perfectly matched. Each gear ratio can maximize fuel economy. The overall fuel consumption of the engine in the best condition is 8% lower than that of similar products.
The lightweight design of the engine and gearbox can effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle, increase the gearbox efficiency to 96%, and reduce fuel consumption.
BOSCH electronically controlled VE system and high-pressure common rail system can achieve precise control of fuel injection volume and injection timing, which can greatly improve overall emissions and fuel consumption.
Euro IV has two technical options, namely SCR and EGR + POC + DOC.

Reliable and durable chassis:

The housing of the odometer sensor is PA66 plastic. By using AMP plug, it has better waterproof effect. The circuit protection cabin is separated from the drive shaft, which can prevent the parts from getting wet, thereby prolonging their service life.

Package and shipping :

Small can be shipped using 20" GP, 40" GP or 40" HQ. Large can be transported by bulk ship or RO-RO ship, or according to your requirements.

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