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Brand Name :

Model Number :
Gallop K7 480HP

Place of Origin :


Price :
USD 32,000 per unit

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :
10 units

Delivery Time :
20 days

Packaging Details :
Suitable for RORO or Bulk cargo ship

Name :
Used 2020 JAC Gallop K7 480HP 6*4 Tractor Head Truck Euro 5 MAN ZF Tech

Key Words :
Used Truck, Tractor Head, JAC Truck, K7 Truck, MAN, ZF

Model Year :

Mileage :

Engine :
MT13.48-60, 480HP

Transmission :
ZF ZF16S2231T0, 16 speed

Emission Standard :
Euro 5

Used 2020 JAC Gallop K7 480HP 6*4 Tractor Head Truck Euro 5 MAN ZF Tech

Used Truck, Tractor Head, JAC Truck, K7 Truck, MAN, ZF

  • The appearance is high and the appearance is eye-catching

What adds color to the appearance of the whole car is the front face of the car. It can be said that the front face of this car has tough lines and distinct layers. The whole shape is eye-catching, and the front face is full of energy!

  • Humanized design JAC is really attentive this time

According to reports, the K7 is equipped with a lane departure system. Through this camera, it can identify the white line of the highway, so as to judge whether the vehicle deviates from the lane, and judge the distance from the vehicle in front. When the vehicle deviates from the lane or the distance between the vehicles is too close, the system can generate an audible alarm, which can prevent some traffic accidents caused by the driver dozing off.
The opening area of ​​the front panel is very large, and the advantage of this design is to facilitate the daily maintenance and repair of the vehicle. It is very convenient to open the panel with a pneumatic tappet.
The front part of the cab adopts airbag shock absorption and has a height adjustment valve, which can adjust the height of the airbag in real time according to the bumps of the road surface to achieve the best effect of shock absorption. The rear of the cab is also an airbag shock absorber, and there is an extra protective shell outside the airbag. Above the air bag we see a pipe, this pipe is the exhaust pipe of the parking heater. Parking heaters are undoubtedly a great boon for drivers in the north, and driving in winter can avoid the torture of low temperatures.

  • Strong chassis, MAN 13-liter engine + ZF gearbox

K7 uses Sinotruk MC13 engine, well, you read that right, it is indeed the 13-liter engine on Shandeka. This engine has a maximum of 540 horsepower and a torque of 2500N.m. In the face of the current working condition of 49 tons, 540 horsepower can definitely meet the needs of most people.
The gearbox uses ZF's 16S25310RO gearbox, with 16 gears, the highest gear is overdrive, and the gearbox has a synchronizer, which can realize one-foot clutch shifting. On the auxiliary box of the gearbox, we saw the hydraulic retarder. The vehicle has a retarder, which can greatly increase the driving safety when driving on the mountain road. The use of the retarder can significantly reduce the number of braking times and reduce the wear of the braking system. Reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

Basic Information
Announcement model: HFC4252P1N8E33MS Drive form: 6X4
Wheelbase: 3800+1350mm engine: Sinotruk MT13.48-60
Gearbox: ZF ZF16S2231T0 Rear axle ratio: 3.364
Body length: 7.44 meters Body width: 2.55 meters
Body height: 3.98 meters Front track: 2080mm
Rear Track: 1860/1860mm Vehicle weight: 9.8 tons
Total mass: 25 tons Total Traction Mass: 39 tons
Maximum speed: 89km/h Minimum turning diameter: 18 meters
Market segments: Logistics distribution, coal transportation, bulk material transportation Origin: Hefei, Anhui
Tonnage class: Heavy Truck Remark: Optional speed ratio 3.7, optional 1000L single gas cylinder, 1000+1000L double gas cylinder, 1350+1350L double gas cylinder, parking air conditioner, electric air conditioner, 1000W inverter, ventilated and heated massage seat, equipped with car networking system, GPS+Beidou dual-mode truck dedicated navigation, MP5 entertainment system, ESS driving assistance, blind spot monitoring system, lane departure warning system, ESC+ASR braking system, LED headlights
Engine parameters
engine model: Sinotruk MT13.48-60 Engine Brand: Sinotruk
Number of cylinders: 6 Fuel type: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Cylinder arrangement: In-line Displacement: 12.419L
Emission Standards: country six Maximum horsepower: 480 hp
Maximum output power: 353kW Max torque: 2200N m
Maximum torque speed: 1000-1400rpm Rated speed: 1900rpm
Cab parameters
Cab Suspension: Four-point airbag suspension Number of passengers allowed: 2 people
Seat row: half row    
Transmission parameters
Gearbox Model: ZF ZF16S2231T0 Gearbox brand: ZF
Shift method: manual Forward gear: 16 gears
Number of reverse gears: 2    
Fuel tank capacity: 1350L    
Chassis parameters
Front axle description: I-shaped section Description of rear axle: Type 445 Reinforced Drive Axle
Front axle allowable load: 7000kg Rear axle allowable load: 18000 (two-axis group) kg
Speed ratio: 3.364 Number of spring pieces: 2/4,2/3
Number of tires: 10 Tire specifications: 12R22.5 18PR
control configuration
ABS Anti-lock Braking:    
Internal configuration
Steering wheel material: cortex Multifunction steering wheel:
Car refrigerator: Power windows:
Rearview mirror electric heating:    
Multimedia configuration
Bluetooth/Car Phone:    
Front Wheel Brakes: drum brake    
Smart configuration
Cruise control: 胎压监测系统:

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