Foton Water Tender Small Fire Fighting Truck with Double Row Cabin

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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
4-5 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Bulk Carrier or Ro-Ro Ship

Overall Dimension :

Total Weight :
7100Kgs with Full Load

Chassis :
4*2 FOTON Brand

Engine Power :

Cabin :
Double Row Cabin with 5 Seats

Superstructure :
Aluminum Alloy Welded Structure

Liquid Tank :
2800L Water Tank & PP Material (Never Rust)

Water Pump :
30L/s at 10bar

Roof Monitor :
30L/s at 10bar with 55m Shoot Range

Painting :
Red Color, U.S. PPG

Foton Water Tender Small Fire Fighting Truck with Double Row Cabin

1. Overview of the Small Fire Truck

The fire truck SXF5071GXFSG30 is composed of Foton chassis, compartment, fire power transmission system, fire hydraulic system, fire control system, bodywork electrical system, auxiliary lighting device, etc. It adopts advanced technologies such as elastic non-torque connection between the upper body and the frame, polymer composite upper body structure, and centralized control of upper body equipment. The vehicle has reasonable structure design, strong maneuverability, high fire-fighting efficiency, integrated fire-fighting and rescue functions, and can be widely used in rural villages and towns.

2. Vehicle Parameters
2.1 Dimensions: 6070mm×2050mm×3000mm
2.2 Total mass of full load: 7100kg
2.3 Number of crew: 5
2.4 Maximum speed: 90km/h
2.5 Emission Standard: Optional
2.6 Tank capacity: 2850L of water
2.7 Fire pump flow: 30L/s
2.8 Fire monitor flow: 30L/s

3. Main Components of the Small Fire Truck

3.1 Fire Pump
3.1.1 Brand Optional
3.1.2 Model Optional
3.1.3 Rated Flow Rate 30L/s @ 10bar
3.1.4 Vacuum Pump Water ring vacuum pump
3.1.5 Priming Manner Automatic
3.1.6 Suction Height 7m
3.1.7 Priming Time ≤30s
3.1.8 Location Rear-mounted
3.2 Fire Monitor
3.2.1 Brand Optional
3.2.2 Model Optional
3.2.2 Flow Rate 30L/s @ 10bar
3.2.3 Shoot Range 55 m
3.2.4 Location On the top of the tank
3.2.5 Control Manner Manual
3.2.6 Horizontal Rotation Angle 0°~360°
3.2.7 Pitch Rotation Angle -15°~60°
3.3 Liquid Tank
3.3.1 Capacity 2800 Liters Water Tank
3.3.2 Material PP composite material and Never Rust
3.3.3 Structure 1 Tank Manhole; 1 Overflow Device/Pressure Relief Device; 1 Liquid Level Indicators; 1 tank Drain Outlets with Valves.
4. Control Panel for Fire Fighting System

4.1 Various types of control modules can be installed according to the vehicle configuration, and all fire-fighting components are fully electronically controlled, using PLC intelligent control; all buttons, switches and indicators on the control panel are marked with English signs; prominent locations are provided with piping layout and Brief operating instructions. The panel adopts a waterproof and dust-proof design mode, and the protection level can reach IP56.

4.2 Language: English

5. Reference Pictures

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