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Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 Unit

Price :

Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P

Supply Ability :
1000 units per year

Delivery Time :
4-5 months

Packaging Details :
Standard Export Package and Delivery by Ship or Air

Application :
High Buildings, Petrochemicals, Oil tank areas etc.

Move Advantage :
Quick response, flexible

Flying Height :
300m climb for 30 seconds

Number of rotors :

Diagonal wheelbase :

Deployment time :
≤ 2min

Withdrawal time :
≤ 2min

Max. take-off weight :

1. Product Name: Fire Extinguishing Drone/UAV

2. Application: Petroleum and petrochemical sites, urban high-rise buildings, forest field and other emergency rescue and fire fighting situation.

3. Main Advantages:

  • Quick response, flexible.
  • Free from road and space restrictions.
  • 300m climb for 30 seconds.
  • 40 seconds single sortie fire extinguishing area 100m3.
  • Fire environment is available, reliable and accessible.
  • Remote Control of Dangerous Environment.
  • Broken Window Bullet can break the windows easily.
  • Deliver material quickly.
  • Help the people in distress to save themselves quickly.
  • Early, small and quick control of initial fire.
  • Shock Absorption by Jet and Precision Fire Extinguishing.

4. Detailed Specification
4.1 UAV platform parameters

  • Number of rotors ≥ 8, diagonal wheelbase ≤ 1500mm, aviation aluminum fuselage;
  • UAV deployment time ≤ 2min, withdrawal time ≤ 2min;
  • Surveying and mapping-level navigation and positioning system with RTK and dual antenna direction finding, hovering positioning error ≤0.5m;
  • Military-grade three-redundant flight control system, safe and reliable flight all day long;
  • Data communication link control distance ≥5km; image video link transmission distance ≥5km, delay ≤300ms;
  • Practical ceiling ≥5000 meters; maximum take-off weight ≥60kg, maximum load ≥25kg; no-load endurance ≥30min, 25kg maximum load full-load endurance ≥15min;
  • The maximum horizontal speed ≥ 15m/s, the maximum climbing speed ≥ 12m/s, and the maximum descent rate ≥ 5m/s;
  • Safe hovering and wind resistance rating ≥ 7; -20°≤ working environment temperature (including battery) ≤ 50°; IP protection grade is higher than IP43; mean interval between failures MTBF ≥ 100.

4.2 Parameters of handheld ground station

  • Portable ground station, weight ≤5kg;
  • Support all operations of UAV flight and all control of fire fighting and rescue function loads;
  • Independent OLED status display, supporting data monitoring of UAV core flight status;
  • The 7-inch 1080P high-definition high-brightness wide-temperature LCD screen supports real-time display of UAV reconnaissance video;
  • Control distance ≥5km, image distance ≥5km;
  • Battery life ≥2h;
  • -20°≤Working environment temperature (including battery)≤50°
  • IP protection level is higher than IP43
  • MTBF≥500 switch

4.3 Fire fighting and rescue system parameters

  • Reconnaissance function: carrying 200W pixels, 1080P high-definition camera, 1W power green laser aiming device and digital wireless broadband image transmission system, which can carry out comprehensive on-site reconnaissance;
  • Window breaking function: distance of 10 meters, capable of breaking 10mm+10mm, double-layer tempered glass;
  • Fire extinguishing function: It can carry effective dry powder or foam water agent ≥15kg, jet forward/downward to extinguish fire, or throw fire extinguishing; it can carry 25-40mm diameter fire hose, and realize height difference by connecting air compressed foam system Below 100 meters, spray foam to extinguish the fire;
  • Rescue function: It can carry rescue materials with an effective weight of ≥20kg or carry two 10kg rescue materials at the same time.

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