China 1 XCMG QY25K5D 25 Ton Truck Crane Lifting Heights 48.5m

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1 unit

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T/T, L/C

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1000 units per month

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10-15 days

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1 year

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China 1 XCMG QY25K5D 25 Ton Truck Crane Lifting Heights 48.5m

XCMG QY25K5D truck crane is a high-reliability product based on mature technology based on the crystallization of our company's technology of designing and manufacturing truck cranes for many years. It adopts the special truck crane chassis made by our company, which fully covers the table board, the appearance of the classic K series, and the operation is simple and flexible. It is widely used for lifting and installation operations in urban construction, transportation, ports, bridges, oil fields, industrial and mining enterprises and other places.

1. Overall leading in lifting performance and driving performance.

2. The octagonal boom has super lifting capacity.

3. Inserted boom head, extended embedded slide block, small lifting deformation, stable expansion and contraction.

4. Self-developed load sensing system, smooth operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

5. A new type of hydraulic motor with high torque starting point to ensure that the secondary lifting does not fall.

6. Proprietary single-cylinder bolt telescopic technology improves the active safety of the telescopic system.

7. The torque limiter using digital bus technology has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.

8. The main structural parts adopt automatic welding technology, with zero welding defects and high reliability.

9. The engine in dual working mode can save you fuel as much as possible
Transportation plan

Category Item Unit Parameter
Dimensions Outline size (length x width x height) mm 12780x2500x3400
Wheel base mm 4425+1350
Track (Front/ Rear ) mm 2059/1834
Front/ Rear overhang mm 2375/2145
Front/ Rear extension mm 1895/590
Weight Total weight in travel kg 32500
Axle load 1st axle kg 7300
2nd axle kg 12600
3rd axle kg 12600
Power Engine model MC07H.32-50 SC9DF300.1Q5
Engine rated power/rpm kW/(r/min) 235/2200 221/2200
Max. net power/rpm kW/(r/min) 232/2200 219/2200
Engine rated torque/rpm N.m/(r/min) 1250/1200-1600 1250/1400
Travel Max. travel speed km/h >80
Min. travel speed km/h 2.5-3
Min. turning diameter m <22
Min. turning diameter at boom tip m <26.8
Min. ground clearance mm 250
Approach angle o 10
Departure angle o 13
Braking distance (at 30 km/h ) m <10
Max. grade ability % >40
Fuel consumption per 100 km L 30
Noise Exterior noise level dB(A) <84
Noise level at seated position dB(A) <90

Transportation plan

Category Item Unit Parameter
Main performance Max. total rated lifting capacity t 25
Min. rated working radius m 3
Turning radius at turntable tail Counterweight mm 3360
Auxiliary winch mm
Max. load moment Base boom kN.m 1005
Fully-extended boom kN.m 672
Fully-extended boom + Jib kN.m 465
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 5.14
Lateral m 6.0
Hoist height Base boom m 9.8
Fully-extended boom m 40.1
Fully-extended boom + Jib m 48.5
Boom length Base boom m 10.5
Fully-extended boom m 41.0
Fully-extended boom + Jib m 49.3
Jib offset angle o 0, 15, 30
Working speed Boom raising time S <38
Boom fully extended time s <93
Max. slewing speed r/min >2.5
Outrigger extending and retracting time Outrigger beam Retracting s <30
Extending s <35
Outrigger jack Retracting s <35
Extending s <40
Hoisting speed (single line, 4th layer, no load) Main winch m/min >125
Auxiliary winch m/min >125
Noise Exterior noise level dB (A) <108
Noise level at seated position dB (A) <85

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