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Brand Name :
SEM816D Bulldozer

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Price :

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :
1000 units/month

Delivery Time :
15-20 days

Packaging Details :
nude package

Warranty :
1 Year

Dozing Capacity :

Moving type :
crawler bulldozer

Machine Weight :

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High) :

Condition :

Rated power :

SEM816D Bulldozer Technical features:
The biggest feature of the SEM816D bulldozer is the use of hydrostatic drive technology. Through the static hydraulic transmission system of load sensing and electric control double circuit, it can realize the functions of stepless speed change, in-situ steering and load steering of the bulldozer in the working process. It has the advantages of maneuverability, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, comfortable and labor-saving Features.
In addition, the SEM816D standard bulldozer comes standard with a semi-U blade, which has the characteristics of large blade capacity, strong versatility, and high operating efficiency, which has been recognized and favored by customers.
The new generation of SEM816D bulldozer, on the basis of maintaining the original advantages of the SEM816 bulldozer, further optimizes the interchangeability and configuration versatility between product platforms, in terms of product reliability, production efficiency, operating comfort, maintainability, etc. All have been significantly improved, while reducing the customer's comprehensive use costs, and further improving economic benefits.
The SEM816D bulldozer adds coal push type, desert type and forest type to the original standard type and wetland type (the forest type is mainly used in overseas markets), making the product's application range and applicable working conditions more extensive. At present, the SEM816D bulldozer has been widely used in municipal construction, water conservancy construction, mines, agriculture, forestry, coal yards, power plants and desert control industries, especially in farmland reconstruction, road construction, urban muck treatment, desert control, etc. With its excellent performance and reliable quality, the field has been widely praised and favored by customers, especially equipment operators.
1. It can be equipped with various working devices such as SU shovel, straight shovel, U-shaped shovel, coal pushing shovel, etc.;
2. Inheriting the hydrostatic transmission technology of Caterpillar's third-generation bulldozer, adopting a closed dual-circuit electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission system to improve efficiency and reliability;
3. Adopt the latest generation of German Rexroth drive pump, walking motor, simplify the pipeline design, and further improve the reliability;
4. Caterpillar control technology, precise control; Caterpillar high-pressure hose, reliable and durable.
5. The hydrostatic oil tank and the working hydraulic oil tank are combined into one, which improves the filtration accuracy and cooling capacity of the hydraulic system, improves reliability, and reduces maintenance costs;
6. Save the torque converter, gearbox and rear axle box, saving maintenance costs;
7. Multifunctional electronically controlled walking handle, realizing in-situ steering, power steering and constant speed cruise;
8. In-situ steering, power steering, stepless speed change, saving working time and greatly speeding up work efficiency;
9. Constant speed cruise-press the yellow button for 5 seconds to realize automatic operation at the set speed, free the driver's hands and make the operation easier;
10. In-situ steering-turn the walking handle to the left/right to the end to achieve in-situ steering in the corresponding direction;
SEM816D Bulldozer Specifications
Items SEM816
Operation Weight(Base Machine) 16900kg
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 5150*3180*3080mm
Blade Length(L*W*H) 3,974*25*607mm
Max. Lifting Height 475mm
Max. Depth of Cut 715mm
Max. Drawbar ≥78kN
Wheelbase 6,140mm
Frame Articulation Angle 20°
Min. Turing Radius 7.8m
Engine Brand SDEC SC8D190.1G2
Rated Power 140kW
Transmission Type Hangchi 6WG180
Travel Speed(Forward/Rear) 40/25km/h
Rear Axle/Tandem SEM ST22
Service Break Outboard disc with break caliper, air to oil control
Oscillation(Front up/Rear up) 15/25°
Max. Oscillation Angle ±16°
Steering Angle(Left/Right) 47.5°
Max. Lean Angle of Front Wheels 18°
Hydraulic System

Load sensing,PPPC

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