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10 sets per month

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30 days

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nuding packing

Engine :
Kohler Command Pro

Horsepower :
23 HP

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8×8 Amphibious All-terrain Utility Vehicle

Basic parameters of the whole vehicle

Curb weight: 476 Kg

Size: 3020x1473x1180mm

(The picture is for reference only)

Technical Specification

Product overview

Eight-wheel drive amphibious ATV is equipped with a 4-stroke OHV V-Twin air 747cc, 23 HP (16 kW) (19 kW) Kohler electronic fuel injection engine. The land load is 454kg, and the water load is 431kg. It can carry 6 people on land and 4 people on water, with a traction capacity of 635kg.

Have the ability to pass on extremely harsh ground, and have excellent water passing ability. When deployed in emergency rescue, fire scene and patrol survey site, it can provide larger carrying capacity and traction capacity. Tracks are used in soft terrain or snow to provide better traction ability.

Under the condition of carrying or transporting all the equipment and devices required for emergency rescue and fire rescue, the vehicle provides the highest efficiency processing capacity and first-class extreme road driving performance. Optional rubber track can achieve the best traction on soft road or snow. It can be used to deploy firefighters, which overcomes the problem of transporting personnel and equipment into and out of disaster sites under various terrains.

8×8 Frontier EFI product features

1. 8-wheel drive and low center of gravity provide additional body stability

2. Provide optional high torque gearbox for extreme terrain: high speed, low speed, forward and reverse

3. Complete set of ergonomic operating handles

4. Electronic fuel injection provides:

1) Provide fuel economy

2) Reliable cold weather start-up

3) Improve working performance at high altitude

4) On-board diagnostic system

5. The compact body improves the ability to pass through the harsh terrain

6. Greater cargo carrying capacity in the rear cabin

7. The front bearing can be extended

8. Triple seal outer bearing

9. Get off with the whole anti-collision board (optional)

10. 24-inch (609 mm) ARGO tire with patented tread design

11. EFI ignition

12. LCD integrates digital instrument panel (speedometer, tachometer, odometer, voltmeter, chronograph, engine coolant temperature, low oil pressure display, handbrake reminder lamp and engine detection, etc.)

13. Self-adjusting disc hydraulic brake

14. Low emission

8×8 Frontier EFI standard configuration table

Configuration 8×8 Frontier EFI Basic Parameters
Engine/Warranty Kohler Command Pro/Gasoline/3years
Horsepower/emissions/operating time 23/747cc/8-10h
Types of 4 stoke, OHV V-Twin,Electronic ignition
Cooling/starting/brake Air cooling/electric/hydraulic
Operating A complete set of ergonomic operating handles, with a joystick installed on the dashboard, for safe and convenient operation, ARGO provides dual-mode operation to provide efficiency and increase flexibility.
Controller Turn the throttle with the right hand to shift the throttle. Light switch, ignition switch.
Clutch Belt drive, continuously variable transmission (CVT), maximize the transmission power of the engine.
Transmission/drive system PANETARY planetary differential variable speed/roller chain drive machined sprocket, splined to the axle, bearing triple differential seal can be lubricated.
Frame Formed channel steel structure, high-strength and durable welding, polyester powder coating provides long-lasting protection
Body/underbody guard Vacuum formed high molecular weight polyethylene/optional
Load capacity-land 454kg
Load capacity-water 408kg
Towing capacity 635kg
Fuel capacity 7.1 (27 liters), visible polyethylene fuel tank
Number of passengers Land 6,on water 4
Speed-land 19mp(30km/h)
Speed-water 3mp(5km/h), Add outer chord to launch 10-12km/h
Bearing extension Front-standard/rear-optional
Tires AT189 24×10.00-8NHS
Ground pressure 1.7psi (13.5kpa tire)
Ground clearance-tires 230mm
Ground clearance-track 255mm
Shipping weight 476kg
Transport size 3020*1473*1180mm( LxWxH)
Operating conditions All weather, all roads, -40℃~+40℃

4, Optional parameter

1, Bilge pump- 638-40

It is strongly recommended that any ARGO amphibious off-road vehicle is used. By operating the switch installed on the dashboard, the pump quickly pumps water from the bottom of the vehicle.

2, Bumper – 642-49

The bumper is an essential device for installing additional components and power winches. The bumper is integrated assembling and decoupling and fog lamp assembly parts.

3, Rear armrest-839-30

The steel tube track is installed around the rear car body to provide a hand-held support point for the rear passengers.

4, Hood fan-602-71

Used to automatically extract hot air from the engine room under extremely hot conditions (not pictured)

5, WARN electric winch – 622-142

The rescue capacity of the vehicle is 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg). The free end of the pulley is placed outside when twisting, and it is connected with a 40' (12m) steel wire rope and a 30' (9 m) nylon belt. There is a safety switch, and the winch can only be used after the vehicle is started.

6, Bilge guard 663-12

It is made of black high-molecular-weight polyethylene material to protect your ARGO from getting off. Add an anti-collision board to your ARGO to prevent you from getting out of the car and getting damaged.

7, Anti-dumping protection structure – 648-47

The powder-coated steel pipe structure provides seat belts and anti-tipping protection for the driver and front and rear passengers.

8, 13 inch (330 mm) standard track – 815-42K

A 13-inch (330 mm) wide thermoplastic rubber section wraps 24-inch ARGO tires to reduce ground pressure on snow and flooded areas. Standard tracks require ARGO 24-inch (610 mm) tires.

9, 18 inch (457 mm) super track – 825-42K(Need to configure extension shaft)

The 18-inch (457 mm) wide thermoplastic rubber section wraps the 24-inch (609 mm) ARGO tires to provide the best buoyancy after entering deep snow. Super track requires ARGO 24 inch (609 mm) tires.

10, 18 inch (457 mm) rubber track – 825-50-1(Need to configure extension shaft)

Lightweight and durable structure, coupled with low shareholder resistance to ensure smooth driving in the most difficult ground environment. The 18 inches (457 mm) track width guarantees the best buoyancy and the lowest ground pressure.

Onboard documents

1 set of instruction manual, including a list of body parts and installation manual;

1 set of electronic version of on-board equipment list;

Chinese and English versions of all documents;

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