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1 unit

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T/T, L/C

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500 units/month

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10-15 days

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12 ton

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18 m / min

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XCMG 12 Ton 4.5m Asphalt Concrete Paver 73.5kW Wheel Asphalt RP453L

Full hydraulic four-wheel drive, continuously variable, equipped with SC4H100G3 water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, power up to 73.5KW, gas heated hydraulic telescoping screed, steplessly adjustable vibration frequency,
Paving width from 2 meters to 4.5 meters Width, the functional console is modularized, the control system of the main switchgear is used, the automatic leveling device is used, the vertical flatness is 3mm/3M, the transverse gradient is within 0.02%, wet multi-disc brakes are used for driving and Parking brake,
The whole machine is safe and reliable, and the material-discharging blades are made of highly wear-resistant Cr-Ni-based materials to extend the service life.

Performance characteristics

(1) The machine is miniaturized, with an ultra-small width of 1.8m, which satisfies the construction work of urban communities and roadways.

(2) Hydraulic drive, stepless speed change, high degree of automation, flexible maneuverability, simple and convenient operation.

(3) Equipped with Shangchai water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine (73.5kW/2000rpm), power reserve, good diesel atomization, good economy, low noise, long life and wide application range.

(4) The hydraulic system adopts load-sensitive control technology to make the power output efficient and energy-saving. The drive components are imported from Germany Rexroth to ensure the reliability of the system.

(5) The 12t hopper is designed to be wide and can always store enough materials. The receiving interface can adapt to different tonnage trucks.

(6) The two hoppers can be folded separately, and the swing type follow-up push wheel ensures stable discharge during asymmetric paving. Ensure the normal paving along the series and other obstacles.

(7) The traveling system adopts hydraulic bridge drive transmission, stepless speed change, high degree of automation, flexible maneuverability, simple and convenient operation. The drive axle adopts XCMG proprietary technology with automatic differential speed.

(8) The conveying and distributing system is driven by an open hydraulic system composed of load-sensing pumps, load-sensing multi-way valves and cycloid motors. The conveying and distributing materials share a plunger pump, and the left and right independent motors are directly driven, and the motor and the actuator pass through the chain. transmission. The conveying scraper adopts a double-chain structure, which is driven by left and right independently, and can be reversed. The material distribution system has a miniaturized design, new compactness, left and right independent drive distribution boxes, and a unique "integrated" blade shaft, which greatly improves the ease of use of the small paver.

(9) The design of the electronic control system is based on CAN bus technology as a platform to develop a network control system with multiple CPU control technology and a good human-computer interaction interface.

(10) The automatic leveling device can automatically control the paving thickness and slope accurately, so that the longitudinal flatness can reach 3mm/3m, and the lateral slope is within 0.02%, which meets the specification requirements of high-grade highways.

(11) The innovatively designed E340 small hydraulic telescopic screed adopts a three-point suspension structure and a single-vibration compaction device, which improves the construction stability and the quality of the road surface.

(12) The whole machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, good construction quality and high working efficiency.

Main Configuration

engine: SHANGCHAI SC4H100.1G3, 73.5 kw

paving width: 1.8-4.5 m

maximum paving thickness: 260 mm

maximum paving speed: 18m / min

maximum travel speed: 24 km / h


Item RP453L
Dimension 5690×2070×3590 mm
Weight 11t
Brand XCMG
Driving speed 0-20 m / min
Basic pave width 1.8-3.4 m
Maximum pave width 4.5 m
Maximum layer thickness 260 mm
Maximum paving speed 18 m / min
Hopper capacity 12 t
Maximum laydown rate 240 t/ h
Rate power 73.5/2000 kw / rpm


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