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Brand Name :

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1 unit

Price :
USD2,000 – USD3,500 per unit

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :
100 units per morth

Delivery Time :
5-20 work days

Packaging Details :
By bulk cargo shipping or 40ft container shipping

Dimension :
4200 X1600 X1500 Mm

Weight :

Carriage Dimensions :
2420 X 1500 X (400+200) Mm

Gear Box :

Power :
16.2KW 22hp

Carrying Capacity :

Tire(front/rear) :

Max Speed :

Genron 3 Rounds 6.2KW 22hp Power 5 Tons 4000KG-5000KG Carrying Capacity Diesel Tricycle

Genron Diesel tricycle is a special vehicle used for transporting materials and tools in various mines or construction sites.

The whole system adopts single-cylinder or multi-cylinder diesel engine, which is directly connected with the rear axle drive.With dumping device, the vehicle is flexible and suitable for all kinds of road conditions. It is a necessary auxiliary vehicle for mines, brick factories and construction sites.

The advantages of small rear dump diesel tricycle:

Diesel tricycles are powered by air-cooled direct-injection diesel engines. The whole vehicle is equipped with a gearbox, a half shaft, a shaft transmission, a rear axle and a gearshift.

Equipped with one – time formed semi – enclosed cab, open vision, rain or shine, easy to ride, is the ideal vehicle.Durable, reliable, diesel power service life than gasoline engine more than three times.

The economy is good and the fuel consumption is more than 30% lower than that of gasoline engines.Strong climbing force, the car adopts the high and low speed ten gear structure of the split box, low speed is adopted when climbing the hill, the climbing ability is twice that of the gasoline motorcycle.

The details of diesel tricycle:

Main Dimensions
Motel 528 heavy load
Dimensions 4200 x1600 x1500 mm
Weight 1290KG
Carriage Dimensions 2420 x 1500 x (400+200) mm
Engine Changchai 1115 single cylinder engine
Power 16.2KW 22hp
Carrying Capacity 4000KG-5000KG
Tire(front/rear) 6.00-14/7.00-16
Max Speed 60km
Braking System hydraulic
Rear Axle full-floating hidraulic-braked
Gear Box 3*2+2

The performance characteristics of diesel tricycle:

(1) The container is fully thickened and the bottom plate is made of 3MM international plate, which is solid and durable.

(2) Rear wall reinforced double layer integral welded frame, sturdy and durable, value for money

(3) Hydraulic oil tank, diesel oil tank combined into one

(4) Completely solve the industry hydraulic system is prone to oil leakage problem

(5) Match the power of domestic famous brands, advanced performance, strong power.

(6) Manufacturers wholesale production, low prices, quality assured

The features of diesel tricycle:

1. No pollution, zero emission, low energy consumption.
2. Simple operation, easy maintenance, no training required.
3. Large deadweight and wide application range.It is an ideal transportation tool for mining, flour mill, brick factory, furniture factory and other enterprises.
4. High power, low demand for road conditions.

1). Ordinary tricycles used in construction engineering to transport sand, stone, cement, earthwork, concrete, etc.

Features: convenient loading and unloading, economical and practical.Can be equipped with four, five, seven, eight, ten rear axle, 15-32 horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine.Dimensions: 1.8m in length, 1.9m in length, 2.0m in length, 2.2m in length, 2.5m in width and 2.5m in depth. Width and depth are determined by the user.

2). Tricycles used in coal mines and iron mines, specially designed for transport in small, low pit tunnel ultra-low tricycles – crawling tiger.

Features: low vehicle, can be transported in the narrow pit tunnel, man-machine height of about 1.45 meters.18-36 horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine, strong power, strong penetration, car size can be made according to user needs.

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