24.7ton Forest Logging Bulldozer Shantui SD22F With Mechanical Winch

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1 unit

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1000 units/month

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15-20 days

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nude package

Warranty :
1 Year

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Moving type :
crawler bulldozer

Operating weight :

Hydraulic Cylinder B :

Hydraulic Pump Br :

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High) :

Shantui forest logging SD22F bulldozer with mechanical winch

Shantui SD22F Bulldozer Performance parameters

Length × width × height (mm)
(excluding ripper)
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 24.7
Engine model WD12G240E206/ NT855-C280S10
Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 162/1800
Ground pressure(Mpa) 0.077
Blade type
Straight tilting blade
Angle blade
U blade
Semi-U blade
Blade capacity(m3) 6.4 for straight tilting blade
4.7 for angle blade
7.5 for U blade
7.0 for Semi-U blade

Shantui forest logging bulldozer SD22F features:
SD22F forest logging bulldozer is designed based on its prototype SD22 bulldozer based on the characteristics of forest operating conditions. This product has the technical performance of mountain push crawler bulldozers, high reliability, low fuel consumption, convenient maintenance, and is equipped with Logging anti-rolling cab.
1. Logging anti-rolling driving shed and cab can be equipped with wider (610mm) crawler and mechanical winch with good passing performance and self-rescue performance, suitable for logging, skidding and towing transportation operations in rain forests and forest farms.

2. The standard logging shovel can forcefully clear all kinds of thorns and obstacles on the logging road. The winch is used to drag trees and bulldozers in forest operations for self-rescue. The self-rescue function of the winch can provide protection for the safety of the operator.welcome to contact us get good price.

Shantui forest logging SD22F bulldozer, after-sales service
1. The company has maintenance service engineers.
2. Equipped with service vehicles and tools, with product warranty, overhaul and on-site service capabilities, and a fast distribution system has been established to deliver products and accessories required by users to users at the fastest speed to meet customer pre-sales to the limit , Sales and after-sales needs;
Shantui bulldozer product model and its introduction:
Shantui series bulldozers have 12 grades of 520, 420, 320, 240, 230, 220, 200, 160, 130, 110, 100, and 80 horsepower, including standard, wetland, ultra-wetland, desert, and plateau models. Deformed products such as type, push coal type, forest logging type and sanitation type. Various types of bulldozers can be equipped with straight tilting shovel, angle shovel, U-shaped shovel, sanitation shovel, air-conditioned cab, anti-rolling cab, simple cab and three-tooth ripper, single-tooth ripper, winch, scraper, etc. Attachment. It is mainly used in airports, roads, mines, dams, railways and other operating conditions.
Horsepower: 80~110, 130, 160, 170, 200~230, 240, 320, 420, 520, 900
Transmission mode: hydraulic transmission, mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission
Working condition variant products: standard type, wetland type, ultra-wetland type, desert type, push coal type, forest logging type, sanitation type, extended crawler type, rock type, universal type, wheel type, push rake machine
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Performance parameters

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