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1 set

Price :

Payment Terms :
Western Union, L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
2000 sets per month

Delivery Time :

Packaging Details :
steel cage

Warranty :
18 month

Advantage :
CAN communication

Cooling Capacity :

Design :
All in one unit roof mounted

Condition :

Function :
Cooling only

Application :
5-6 meters bus

Voltage :

Product Name: Cooling Only Mini Bus Suitable Auto Air Conditioner With DC Scroll Compressor For 5-6 Meters Bus

1. Main Instruction:

The pure electric passenger car air conditioning system is an electric passenger car heating and cooling integrated full overhead air conditioning system that uses an electrically driven scroll compressor.

The air-conditioning system controls the DC-AC inverter power supply through the human-machine interface and PLC control module, so as to realize the stepless frequency conversion start of the electric scroll compressor, base frequency refrigeration and frequency reduction maintenance

Using R407C environmentally friendly refrigerant and high-speed inverter compressor stepless control, the cooling speed of the vehicle, the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system and the energy-saving effect are significant; the fully enclosed scroll compressor adopts the fully welded connection pipeline method to make the overall system A fully enclosed leak-free system solves the problem of refrigerant leakage and oil leakage from the shaft seal, and at the same time facilitates installation; the principle of heat pump circulation is applied, and the corresponding control mode is adjusted by adding a four-way reversing valve to switch between cooling and heating , To realize the integration of heating and cooling of car air conditioners.

2.Main Parameters

Standard Cooling:30000-42000BTU Standard Heating : no heating
High Voltage: DC600V Control voltage: DC24V
Condenser air flow: 4200m3/h Evaporator air flow: 2800m3/h
Refrigerant: R407C refrigerant volume: 2.5 kgs
Current consumption:< 8A (600V) Roof top weight: 100 Kgs
Roof top dimension: 2265*1556*250mm Compressor power: 36cc/r

No. Name Configuration
Brand/Spec Feature Qty
1 Compressor Panasonic AC variable frequency, full-seal 1
2 Condenser/evaporator high antispetic rifled pip,high heat exchange rate 1
3 Evaporation fan Low noise,long life 2
4 Condensate fan Low noise,long life 2
5 Expansion valve EMERSON 1
6 Sight glass Danfoss Easy observe, high sensitivity 1
7 Electronic control system Strong anti-interference 1
8 Electrical assembly According to customer requirement 1
9 Control board Digital readout, intelligent 1
10 Out Cover High strength,anti-aging 1
11 Pressure switch High sensitivity 1
12 Cold air pipe ass. Welding full-seal brass pipe 1
13 One-way valve Danfoss 1
14 Four-way valve San hua 1

3. Main Features:

1. Frequency Conversion adjustable Compressor;

2. Brushless and brush DC fan have function of voltage of protection and soft start;
3. Special double insulation safety protect to prevant leakage;
4. Environment protection refrigerant R134a;
5. Easy installation and repair.
4. Details Show:

we have our patent owned electric control system

we use popular brand evaporator unit

the cover of our air conditioner can be glass fiber material or aluminum as customer's requirements

5. Core Spare Parts :

We make design of air conditioner based on customer's requriements with suitable proposal. choose most suitable compressor and spare parts to meet requirements with best price.

Normal brand we use ,such as Bitzer. Bock , Panasonic Compressor, Danfoss valves, Italy SPAL condenser /evaporator fans and so on.

6. Product Advantages :

1. We have an expert team with many years of experience in the research and development of thermal systems, and has a number of proprietary technologies in system integration, high efficiency and energy saving, pipeline leakage, intelligent temperature control, intelligent diagnosis, remote monitoring and other aspects

2. Use the technology from Spain.

3. With efficient quality and cost change, to reduce cost and waste. Maximum usgae of labour and material.

7. Producing Process:

8. Our Company Instruction :

9.Packing and Shipping :

we normally packing with steel cage to make sure the ac well packed . For shipment we can arrange complete supply chain, start from our factory to customer's factory. and also we support customer to do custom clearance and local transportation

10.Our service :

– support customer with formal technical suggestions

– response in 4 hours

– support customer to solve problem referring to our product

– follow custom for installation and after-sales service until no problem left

– support customer to solve any problem related to our products for life time

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