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Combine Harvester Machine

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Second hand

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Wheat Rice

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Used 4LZ-2.5 Second hand KUBOTA Wheat Rice Combine Harvester Machine Pro 688Q

Product introduction
1. diesel engine with reliable performance
Kubota's self-made 49 2kw turbocharged diesel T-engine with high power and low fuel consumption. The vertical water-cooled 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine system is adopted as power, which provides more output power and starting torque with less fuel than the conventional spherical diesel engine.
2. Wide track
Wide track can work more smoothly in wet fields than ever before. 275mm ground clearance, not easy to accumulate mud, and better adaptability to rotten fields.
Long threshing cylinder with large diameter
The longitudinal oil flow threshing system adopts a long threshing drum with an ultra-large diameter of 620mm and a drum length of 1790mm, which can carry out more efficient and accurate harvesting and threshing operations.
3. Comfortable operating seat
Comfortable seats are installed, so the operator will not get tired even if he works for a long time.
4. Operate the handle
Experiment rotation and header lifting with one handle.
5. Control HST with one stroke
The walking system (hydrostatic transmission) pioneered by Kubota allows you to control forward and backward with only one handle, and at the same time, you can adjust the driving speed under the conditions of normal harvesting, high yield, wet crops, wet and rotten fields harvesting and walking. At the same time, HST with increased capacity can save more effort than before.
6. Harvest reversing mechanism
When the feed inlet of the header is blocked, it can rotate reversely to discharge the blocked material.
7. Adjustable guide plate
The angle of the deflector can be adjusted according to the state of crops to achieve the best threshing effect.

Project Specification
Product number 4LZ-2.5(PRO688Q)
Classification Big tank
Dimensions Length (mm) (transport status / working status) 4950/5010
Width (mm) (transport status / working status) 2440/2650
Height (mm) (transport status / working status) 2800/2815
Structure quality (kg) / quality of use (kg) 2790/2905
Matching engine Model (China second stage) V2403-M-DI-T-ES04
Structure type Vertical water cooled 4 – cylinder turbocharged diesel engine
Total Displacement (L) 2.434
Calibration power (kW) 49.2
Calibration speed (r / min) 2700
Fuel High quality diesel (0 #)
Fuel tank capacity (L) 60
Walking part Crawler Grounding length(mm) 1680
Gauge(mm) 1150
Specifications [pitch (mm) × section (section) × width (mm)] 90×51×450
Ground pressure(kPa) 18.1
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 275
Gearbox type Mechanical speed change + hydraulic stepless speed change (HST)
Variable speed series Forward stepless·Back stealth
Vice shift of the three gears
Cutting table Cutting table width (mm) 2000
Minimum cutting height (mm) 40 (cutter tip)
Lodging adaptability Cutting: below 85 degrees· Reverse cutting: below 70 degrees
Threshing part Threshing method Sprue axial flow
Threshing drum Size(mm)(outer diameter×length) Φ620×1790
Speed(r/min) 560
Grain processing department Capacity (L) 1000
Collecting box Grain intake (unit)
Unloading grain Dump truck lift range (degrees) 77 manual operation /80 – hydraulic operation
Unloading grain unloading height range (mm) (working state) 650 ~ 2000 (unloading grain manual type)
540 ~ 2240 (unloading cylinder hydraulic type)
Unloading mouth out of the distance range (mm) (working state) 950 to 1600 (manual unloading tube)
990 ~ 1840 (unloading cylinder hydraulic type)
Adapt to crops Rice, wheat
Operating hours productivity (hm² / h) 0.2 to 0.4 (upright dry crop)

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