162kw SEM 655D Front Wheel Loader 5 Ton 3m3 Front Loader Bucket

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1 unit

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Payment Terms :
T/T, L/C

Supply Ability :
1000 units per month

Delivery Time :
7-10 days

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Warranty :
1 year

Dimension(Long * :
8085*2963*3463 Mm

Machine Weight :
16500 kg

Bucket capacity :
2.7 m3, 2.7-4.5 m3

Rated Power :

Tire :

Engine :

Marketing Type :
New Product 2021

SEM 655D wheel loader Product Information

SEM 655D wheel loader Product Description

Main Specifications
Rated load capacity (Kg) 5000
Operating weight with standard bucket (Kg) 16700
Bucket capacities (M3) 2.7-4.5
Wheelbase (mm) 3200
Overall Dimensions L*W*H (mm) 8085×2963×3463
Model 6LT9.3
Rated power (kW) 162
Rated speed (r/min) 2000
Displacement (L) 9.242
Operating Specifications
Dump clearance (mm) 3058
Breakout Force (kN) 168
Articulated angle (°) 38±1°
Hydraulic system
Implement system type Twin pump flow merging hydraulic system
System Pressure setting (Mpa) 17
Hydraulic cycle time (s) 9.5
Boom Raise time (s) 5.13
Main drive type Spiral bevel gear, single stage
Final drive reduction type Planetary type, single stage
Rear – oscillating +/- (°) ±11°
Steering system
System type Flow amplifying
Steering pump type Gear pump
System pressure setting (MPa) 16
Steering angle L/R ( °) 38 ±1°
Brake system
Service brake Dry&caliper,Air-to-oil control
Parking brake Drum-type shoe brake,spring applied & oil released
Type Counter shaft / Power shift
Transmission gears F4/R4
Torque converter type Single stage 3 elements
Maker & type SEM TR200
Forward I/ Reverse I (km/h) 7.8 / 7.8
Forward II/ Reverse II (km/h) 15 / 15
Forward III/ Reverse III (km/h) 22 / 22
Forward IV/ Reverse IV (km/h) 39 / 39
Size 23.5-25
Type Bias
Layers 16
Textured type L3 /E3

SEM 655D Wheel Loader 5 Ton Front Loader Bucket 3m3 From China Factory supply

The SEM655D wheel loader is reliable and durable, efficient in operation, economical and energy-saving, and comfortable in operation. It is widely used in heavy-duty conditions such as port aggregates, mine site cleaning, steel plant slag removal, and large-capacity earth and stone handling. The product has been widely recognized by customers since its launch.

Sangong Machinery SEM655D Loader
Like you, never rested at mediocrity
Born for pioneering
SEM 655D wheel loader Product Display

Efficient hydraulic system makes it easy to use.
The design of three-position four-way valve with floating function, good micro-motion performance, realizes high-precision operation
Pilot oil high pressure filter to prevent stuck valve

The reliability of the transmission system is a gene engraved in the bones.
Fixed-shaft gearbox has simple structure, optimized design of key components, higher reliability and longer life
The first gear has large insertion force, the second gear has a fast operating speed, and the 1/2 gear combined operation efficiency is better
Slope operation switch, slope operation is more stable and safer
The optimized torque converter matches the engine more reasonably and has higher efficiency; the single-stage three-element structure is simple, the core components are strengthened and the reliability is higher
Equipped with a drive axle with a carrying capacity of 28 tons, with large carrying capacity, high reliability and long life

Fast cooling is only a basic skill, but heat balance is the real skill.
Water temperature and oil temperature can achieve better heat balance and keep all parts at a better working temperature

Not much need to be repaired, but it saves time and effort and makes it easier to repair.
The transmission torque converter is installed separately, which is more convenient for disassembly and maintenance
The fixed-shaft gearbox is simple and reliable in design, easy to maintain, and low in maintenance cost
Hydraulic system and brake system with pressure measuring connector, convenient for pressure detection
The water tank protection net can be opened for easy cleaning of the cooling module

• High and low speed combined work with high-position automatic leveling device,
Shoveling efficiency is greatly improved
• Its heavy-duty frame is equipped with a mature fixed-axis drive system,
The overhaul period under heavy load conditions has been extended year-on-year;
• The design of the three-position four-way valve with floating function allows you to work finely,
Achieve high-precision operations;
• The front and rear frame positioning pins adopt tapered roller bearings,
Higher carrying capacity and safer;
• Slope operation switch, slope operation is more stable and safer;
• The pilot oil high-pressure filter prevents stuck valves.
162kW 2000rpm
Rated load
5000 kg
Operating weight
16500 kg
Mold forming panoramic cab,
It's more than just vision.
• Humanized cab not only means better vision,
The mechanically adjustable high-back suspension seat is also more comfortable.
• Side doors with sliding windows provide good ventilation and lower noise.
• The wind direction of the instrument panel is adjustable, which is more convenient for defrosting.
Big seat
Integrated inductance meter
no matter where
Its performance is amazing.
Different working conditions have different requirements for loaders. Whether it is port aggregates, mine site cleaning, steel mill slag removal, large-capacity earth and stone handling, the SEM655D loader can meet various needs in medium or heavy load conditions, and at the same time It is also suitable for the handling of loose objects such as sand and gravel plants, coal cargo yards and construction sites.


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