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Brand Name :

Model Number :
T7H, ZZ4257W324HE1B

Place of Origin :


Price :
USD 26,000 per Unit

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :
5 units

Delivery Time :
20 days

Packaging Details :
Suitable for RORO or Bulk cargo ship

Name :
Fairly Used 2020 Sinotruk HOWO 460HP Tractor Head Truck T7H 6*4

Key Words :
Howo Truck, 460HP, Tractor Head, Used Truck, 6*4

Model Year :

Mileage :

Engine :
MC11H.46-50, MAN tech, 460HP

Transimission :
12 AMT

Emission Standard :
Euro 5

Fairly Used 2020 Sinotruk HOWO 460HP Tractor Head Truck T7H 6*4

Howo Truck, 460HP, Tractor Head, Used Truck, 6*4

In terms of power and handling texture, it is difficult to think of boring with 10.5L of power. The rear axle speed ratio is 3.7, which makes it easy to speed up and overtake. The power is strong and the feeling of pushing back is full. The Sinotruk 12-speed gearbox is used, the speed of shifting is fast, and the smoothness is also acceptable. The number of gears is 12, and the acceleration is relatively dense, and there is no feeling of power interruption. Coupled with Sinotruk Howo's careful tuning of the gearbox, the gearbox and engine have won full run-in. Just stepping on the accelerator lightly with the right foot has a surprising dynamic response, which brings a very high driving interest. The maximum torque reaches 2100, and the maximum speed can reach 101 km/h, which is better than the HOWO T7H acceleration performance. It can be said that HOWOT7H has a particularly outstanding dynamic display.

In terms of cargo capacity, the cargo capacity is of course remarkable. The body size of 6985*2496*3670mm has become the leader of heavy-duty tractors, and the wheelbase is not to be outdone, reaching 3200+1400mm, which is not a problem to pull a 40-ton cargo box.

Regarding comfort, HOWOT7H has a greater competitiveness in the same class due to the careful design of Sinotruk Howo, and the seating space for the control seat can be satisfied without being narrow. The driver's seat is equipped with a high-top row semi-cushion, and the softness and inclination angle of the seat bag are scientifically planned, so that people can easily find a suitable sitting posture. When passing the speed bump, the scattered vibration is isolated from the car. The constant temperature effect of the air conditioner is particularly ideal, the sound insulation effect is better, and the high-speed driving can still chat happily with each other in the car.

Control is a major weapon for HOWOT7H to grab the market. Although the whole vehicle reaches 8.8 tons, the steering wheel feels good, and there is no empty position. Lightly step on the accelerator for power, lightly step on the brakes for braking, and high-speed driving with a sense of security. Therefore, HOWOT7H has a driving experience that integrates people and vehicles.

In terms of energy consumption, HOWOT7H has sufficient energy consumption, with a comprehensive energy consumption of 26.31L (100 kilometers). The energy consumption data of unloaded goods is 15.14L, and the energy consumption of full load can be reduced to around 37L. The fuel cost per kilometer is 9 yuan, the fuel consumption is less than 592L for a full load of 1600km, and the cost is less than 2960 yuan. If we only talk about energy consumption, the HOWOT7H is considered good among heavy-duty tractors. The economical energy consumption makes the HOWOT7H favored by car buyers.

Basic Information
Announcement Model: ZZ4257W324HE1B
Drive form: 6X4
Wheelbase: 3400+1400mm
Body length: 7.315 meters
Body width: 2.496 meters
Body height: 3.94 meters
Wheelbase: 2041mm, 1830/1830mm
Vehicle weight: 8.8 tons
Maximum gross mass: 25 tons
Tonnage level: heavy truck
Note: logistics distribution
Engine: Sinotruk MC11H.46-50
Number of cylinders: 6
Fuel Type: Diesel
Cylinder arrangement: in-line
Emission standard: National V/Euro V
Displacement: 11.05L
Horsepower: 460 hp
Output power: 341kW
Torque: 2200N m
Rated speed: 1900rpm
Engine Brake:
Front Wheel Brake:
Rear Wheel Brake:
remote key:
Electronic central lock:
Transmission: 12-speed AMT automatic
Shift mode: AMT manual
Forward gear: 12 gears
Number of reverse gears: 2
Cab parameters
Cab: High Roof
Number of passengers allowed: 3
Seat row: half row
Fuel/Gas Tank Material:
Fuel/Gas Tank Capacity: 860L
Front axle allowable load: 7000kg
Description of rear axle:
Rear axle allowable load: 18000 (two axles) kg
Rear axle ratio: 3.08
Number of spring pieces: 2/3
Number of tires:10个
Tire specs:12R22.5 18PR

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